Pivoting your social media

While some brands are continuing to market their products as if everything’s normal, others have stopped communicating – unsure of what they can, or should, post to social media when the world is in such turmoil.

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Brands are pivoting their messaging and communications

A combination of changes to consumer behaviour, and the immense challenge the world is facing, means that brands have to adapt their messages. That may mean dropping planned campaigns or highlighting aspects of the business that are now more important than ever.

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Brands are pivoting their businesses and adapting in various ways:

  1. They’re are taking empathetic action: It’s important to say the right things on social media, but it’s even better when brands back up their empathy with action.
  2. Companies are diversifying into new products to support the health services
  3. They’re pivoting from B2B to B2C: As businesses that serve the B2B market find demand drying up, some are looking to the B2C market to make up for the shortfall.

Whether businesses are pivoting their business operations and messaging, or their messaging alone, the way the brand communicates on social media will be affected.