Supporting the mental wellness and self care of your team

Mental wellness has never been higher on the agenda not just of HR teams, but at board level. Without healthy employees, a business can’t function.

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Here are some of the ways that The Social Element supports mental wellness and self-care:

  • A wellbeing portal that all employees can access, with practical wellness techniques and tips
  • A wellness article in our monthly internal newsletter, with practical suggestions and tips
  • A health and wellbeing community for anyone in the agency to share related information and suggestions
  • Confidential, personalized one-to-one wellness support with our wellbeing coordinator available to anyone across the agency
  • Support for managers to help them in turn support people with wellness-related needs
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It’s important to remember that there’s a difference between mental health and mental wellness. People need to be in a good place to have the energy, focus and desire to be proactive in supporting their mental wellness.

Businesses and managers don’t just need to say the right things to support their people – they need to take action that supports it and allows people the time and energy to support their wellbeing.

In this guide, we’ll outline some approaches that have worked for The Social Element team. While we’re not mental health experts, we’ve written this guide in close collaboration with our wellness coordinator (and trained counsellor) – Chatelle Jeram.