What brands should keep in mind for 2021 social media marketing

These last few weeks, our Strategy team has been looking at the main learnings from 2020, and the trends brands should consider when looking ahead at 2021 social media activations. 

We’ll be looking at these trends in detail over the coming weeks (so stay tuned to our blog!) but for now, here is the top 5 trends you can expect:

  1. The rise of social commerce and social shopping. It will be essential for brands to have ecommerce set up on multiple platforms, including the new features such as IGTV and Reels
  2. Social gets more accessible and inclusive. Brands are using the new voice features on Twitter and Instagram, celebrating diversity (including neurodiversity), and showing body positivity in campaigns
  3. Communities and fandoms are forces to be reckoned with. (Who predicted that KPOP would emerge as a political force this year?) Brands are building their own communities again to encourage engagement
  4. Influencers are changing. Brands are more interested in working with their own fans, creating organic influencers, than paying for reach. Home-grown influencers give the brand authenticity…
  5. Authenticity is key for brands. You don’t have to be perfect on social. Value progress over perfection; show reality over polish; open the doors on transparency. Be part of the important conversations, remember that actions speak louder than words.

Some other trends that we might see in 2021:

  1. More agile social media budgets. Brands are decreasing their traditional advertising, so they can read the public mood, respond to live events and listen to their consumers. 
  2. Social media use is becoming more purposeful. We’re used to using YouTube and Twitter to seek out specific content, but behaviour is changing on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram too – we’re moving away from passively scrolling feeds in favour of actively searching for content 
  3. The rise and rise of disinformation. Truth is a rare commodity, with the rise of QAnon content, and deliberate spread of disinformation in politics and health. Social discussions are more polarised than ever
  4. Children’s use of social media is a societal issue, and a brand issue. Stealth advertising to children on social media, the use of influencers to gain access to young audiences and an increase in screen time for kids are all issues that brands should consider
  5. Fundraiser burnout. Crowdsourcing income has multiplied in recent years, disposable income is down for many (and will be for several years). That will have an impact on willingness to fundraise or donate, and on brands who ask for long contracts or prospective investment.

We’ll be delving deeper into the top five trends over this year so keep an eye on our blog and social channels for more insights.

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