Inclusive Marketing In Social Media

Inclusivity humanises your brand

As things start to change and adapt post-pandemic, it’s a chance to refresh. Put inclusivity at the core of your content, strategies and at the heart of your business.

Why inclusivity matters in social content

The future of audio social media

Can you create an inclusive agency by default?

5 easy ways to create accessible content on social media

auto captions, alt text, links

Descriptive image captions and alt text

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn provide specific fields for you to add alt text to images, but you can do much more. If you are marketing using video platforms offer a number of caption editing capabilities in the creator area of a platform and there are lots of advanced softwares for more specialized approaches to captions. Failing to properly assign captions and alt tags, sends a message, and not a great one.

Alt text
video captions

Include video captions and descriptions

Are you marketing on TikTok and Youtube? You need to be captioning and describing your content. This not only offers an opportunity to better communicate your message, but also includes a larger audience. Platforms increasingly give you freedom to use more content, take it to connect more deeply! 

Avoid special characters

Did you know that many platforms and softwares used to translate content can’t read special characters? Some voiceover tools read special formatting very differently. Be sure that your messaging is coming through clearly through careful use of special characters.

avoid special characters
visualise links

Visualise links

Are you using hover animation or underline in your links? You should be. These techniques are not only more inclusive for those with impairments but they can be a great way to personalise content, inviting visitors to see more. 

Limit emoji use

Cute, shy, hungry, emojis communicate so much, when they are translated correctly. Did you know that voice over tools that read emojis aloud can drastically alter the meaning of the total content? Emojis are great for communicating emotions, until they fail to communicate anything.

emoji use

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