Pivoting Your Social Media During A Crisis - Whitepaper

Brands don’t need to be afraid to communicate during this crisis. People don’t expect brands to be perfect at handling a situation that’s taken the world by surprise. But they do want them to try.

No word carried more business buzz in the past five years, than the word Pivot. Business models, transportation, housing, and lives in general made pivots to account for changes to supply chain and life during the Covid 19 pandemic. It taught us many important lessons, and one of the longest lasting for our clients was the value of dynamic social media plans that are designed, with easy maneuverability in mind. 

The need to pivot or redirect your course of social media strategy may not come from outside events at all, it might be an internal reorganization, it might be an industry wide pivot, we can’t predict the future. We can, however, teach you how to maneuver proof your social media. The Social Element explores context, change, and maneuverability in social media planning, implementation, and design in this white paper. 

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Brands are pivoting their messaging and communications

  1. Alcohol brands are adapting messages from going out and enjoying drinks with friends to staying in, but still drinking responsibly.
  2. Travel companies have been severely affected by the global pandemic. Many countries have banned all but essential journeys outside of the home, leaving travel companies dealing with huge losses.
  3. Most retailers already have ecommerce options in place, but for brick and mortar stores, they often use social media to encourage people into their shops.
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There are six areas that we advise brands to focus on when adapting their social media strategy.

  1. Focus on consumers
  2. Think about the relevance of messaging
  3. Communicate with empathy and reassess tone of voice
  4. Listen to what people are saying
  5. Communicate and demonstrate brand values
  6. Look for ways to maintain consumer relationships

Many businesses are fighting for survival right now, and so are their customers. Everyone needs some support – and that goes for brands and consumers, too. Now is the time to build good will to help businesses back on their feet after the crisis has passed.