Which lens am I looking through?

This is the first offering in a series of 4 weekly blog posts focusing on wellness as an ongoing journey that you choose to prioritise and act on everyday.  What better way to get moving on this journey than utilising your social media presence? Come on now, you’re on there anyway…

Let’s start with the inquiry:  Which lens am I looking through?

Every moment, every day; our brains process information coming in from the world around us; from the physical environment and interactions with people as well as all the images we consume online.

Images can be pictures, sounds or language.  We process this information that comes at us through our internal filters and frameworks which we have constructed during our lives.  We then store this processed information in our subconscious “library” which isn’t readily available at the conscious level unless we choose it to be.

The library is full of files and each of these files contains a belief. A belief about a tiny or large aspect of yourself, people you know, people you don’t know, life or the world.  Hidden and unidentified in the subconscious; these beliefs impact what thoughts you have; how you feel, your behaviour and actions.

Behind the scenes of your moment-to-moment awareness, these beliefs are shaping, tinting and polarising the lens through which you observe and experience the world; ultimately impacting how you act.

Let’s focus on the information highways in the online world.  As you view, use and peruse your favourite social media channels, which lens are you looking through?

  • A lens tinted with expectations of how you are going to feel
  • A lens tinted with judgement of the people you’re reading about or watching
  • A lens tinted with desire for validation, connection and to be seen
  • A lens tinted with curiosity, fascination and hunger to learn
  • All of the above?  None of the above?  Something else?

Gift yourself an experience of taking charge of your social media use today and ask yourself:

Which lens am I looking through? 

How useful is this lens?

Which lens do I choose to look through?

Share your insights with us in the comments below.

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