Why Brands Can Ignore Telegram — for Now | Adweek

In a piece on Adweek, our social media analyst, David Woods-Holder, covered the reasons why brands do not need to be concerned about Telegram. At least for now.
With over 200 million subscribers, Telegram is the encrypted messaging app that is receiving all the attention from agencies and brands. It claims to be a hack-proof messaging platform. When it was first launched, there were plenty of privacy features that are now available on both FB Messenger and WhatsApp. One of the features is end-to-end encryption of messages, meaning that even Facebook can’t read your messages. If either of the Facebook-owned platforms were to be hacked, those in control of the data would still not be able to decrypt the messages. The platforms would only be able to see who had been talking to whom, and when, which is the same case on Telegram.

“Without a doubt, in the post-Snowdon world, with state surveillance and Cambridge Analytica on everyone’s mind, it’s hardly surprising that consumers are looking for ways to protect their privacy and brands need to be wary of these tidal shifts in behavior. However, brands that rush into messaging apps like Telegram may find a platform that’s more than they bargained for… [B]rands should instead focus on a messaging strategy with relevant content to their audiences, without being intrusive. Best to recognize the limitations of Telegram, sit this round out, and see how it plays out – at least for the moment.”

To read the full article, click on the following link: Why Brands Can Ignore Telegram — for Now

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