Your Brand’s Guide to Snapchat Marketing

Get the best Snapchat marketing strategy.


Snapchat’s at its best when it innovates. It plays to its strengths when it creates new and exciting ways to communicate.


Snapchat Marketing


What makes Snapchat a great platform for brands?


  1. It’s conversational: Snapchat was the first app to use ephemeral messaging, which acts as a digital version of regular conversations.
  2. It’s creative: Snapchat is always innovating. It often gives users new ways to create content – it was the first platform to develop Stories, for example.
  3. It’s engaging: Snapchat gives its users many ways to chat and have fun with their friends – and it’s usually friendship groups that use the platform to communicate.


In Q4 2019, Snapchat had a total of 31 million daily active users and a user-base of 218 million people.

Brands need an effective Snapchat marketing strategy to be successful on the platform.

We’ve looked at recent developments from Snapchat to get an idea of how brands are using it, and we looked at possible future developments to help your brand make the most of the platform.



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