Your sphere of control in the scroll

Navigating uncertainty is a messy journey.  When you bring in the impact of social media, our perception of uncertain times can be heavily influenced by the breadth of content that is available at all times.   

One perspective that can help when you are finding your way without conclusions and solutions, is to consider your Sphere of Control.  Imagine a sphere around you that contains everything you can control. 

What is in your sphere of control? What is outside of your control?

Consider what is in your sphere of control in a world where social media has become a given in many ways.

Within your sphere:  What you post, your comments, your reactions, your scrolling time, how often you engage with social media, how you engage.

Outside of your sphere:  What others post, what others comment, whether someone reacts to your content, how others react to each other

When the content that is outside of your sphere of control is showing up in your online world and impacting you…what choice do you have?

Know you have a choice in how you feel, behave, think, act.

Know it’s okay to feel how you feel, including feeling negative, cynical, angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed.

Know you have a choice in how long you feel a certain way.

Know you have a choice in taking action…or not.

Know you can choose your perspective.  Put the situation into a bigger context.

Know you can choose the story you’re telling yourself.

Know you can be grounded, centred, calm.  Move your body.  Breathe.

Being proactive invites feelings of hope and optimism when facing uncertainty.  Every moment spent feeling hopeful and optimistic is a moment not spent in worry or fear. 

Get proactive about what you can control, no matter how small or subtle it may seem. 

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