Beyond Black History Month: How Brands Can Support and Work with Brown and Black Creators

Fifty-three percent of consumers say brands that issue statements that support racial equality should follow up with actionable steps to show their dedication. Brands shouldn’t stop promoting Black culture after February. Here are some ways to support brown and black creators, all the time.

It Starts From Within

Companies and brands should actively recruit BIPOC professionals. Representation starts from within. Black and Brown creators are more inclined to work with brands that actually practice diversity and inclusion. However, it doesn’t stop at recruitment – continue to have conversations with your employees on why your DEI strategy extends beyond your office.

Give The Brown and Black Creators Creative Control

Black and brown cultures are so deep and diverse. Brands typically work with creators not only for their style of content, but also for the relationship the creator has with their audience. While planning campaigns, allow influencers to share their ideas and then, fuse those ideas into the purpose of your brand campaign.

Avoid Contributing to the Pay Gap

In a 2021 MSL study, it was reported that Black creators made 35% less than white creators. Black and Brown creators are experts in their field, and should be compensated as such. Pay transparency is so important right now, so be sure to set aside an appropriate budget and advocate for paying creators what they’re worth.

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