Community Management

We're fluent.

It’s tough to find the right balance between personal and corporate speak. We do it well, we do it fast, and while we’re at it, we also put a smile on your consumers’ faces.

When it comes to communicating via social media, we’re in our element.

After mining social media for all necessary insights and developing an effective strategy to help you use social to reach your digital marketing goals, it’s time to put all this to work and build that human connection. That’s when social media community management come into play.

The Social Element’s social media community management approach focuses on five key areas:

Nurture your brand’s online reputation

We think that it’s possible to be mindful of a brand’s online reputation while still being human, sounding like one, and having fun. When communicating with your audience, we make sure your brand always puts its best foot forward, but we also understand the value of honesty and transparency, and we weigh this in when recommending an approach. People don’t like canned responses, but brands still have to follow certain internal guidelines. The thrill of that balancing act is what gets us out of bed every morning.

Expand brand visibility and reach

Chances are that improving reach appears somewhere in your brand’s marketing strategy. Whether it has to do with the type of people you’d like to reach or how many people you’re aiming to reach, that’s something we can help with. We’ll pick the right platforms, we’ll adjust the messages, we’ll recommend messaging strategies and ensure your social media community management is done with reach and visibility in mind.

customer service

Make customers smile

When done well, social has the special power of turning regular consumers into brand advocates. Our teams value all consumer interactions. Yes, we solve problems and we escalate issues. But we also take the time to thank happy users and, when appropriate, we like to throw in an anecdote or a joke here and there. Of course, we always get your blessing first – you’re the one calling the shots, after all!

Speak human much?

Everybody uses prepared responses. But it’s how you use them that makes a difference. At The Social Element, we make sure the brands we represent appear human. We work with you to integrate the brand’s tone of voice in every response, and we steer clear from repetitive, tone-deaf or bland answers. Our goal is to trigger positive emotions towards the brand, and you can’t do that if you sound like a bored rep in a service center.

Weather potential storms

Sometimes, crisis happen. No matter where they start or how small they are, a crisis will usually flare up via social platforms. That’s when speed, calm and experience are crucial. At The Social Element, we can help prepare and train your crisis response team and ensure they will be ready to activate quickly. When crisis hits, we actively monitor social media activity related to your brand, giving you near real-time feedback on how the situation is developing and how effective your response is – both during and after the situation. And when it’s over, we can train you for the next one via our sister company Polpeo

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