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Social Media Engagement

Social media never sleeps

It changes at the speed of culture

Our creative engagement on social media connect with consumers in real-time through community management, proactive engagement, consumer support, and influencer management.

Get the communication right

Knowing how and when to communicate with consumers and using our creative engagement on social media takes skilled, experienced social media specialists. It starts with understanding our client’s business, brand, and audience to ensure we can build trust with their consumers on social. It requires daily, consistent messaging, and team members that become an extension of the brand.

Be Proactive and Reactive

We monitor our client’s social channels for customer care issues, and engageable content. This also provide social listening and monitoring to identify when our client’s brands are being discussed (but not tagged), and when there’s an opportunity for brands to join a conversation.

Understanding the audience

Critical to this success is to have a diverse team that can understand all audiences and cultural differences. An audience ecosystem is fragile and can change in an instant if you are not paying exclusive attention to the spoken and unspoken signals, and critically, understanding their culture. Our team is trained to adapt at the speed of culture, and use our creative engagement on social media to get under the skin of a brand’s audience.

The ‘Hive Mind’

Our team is broad yet tightly-knit, and are passionate about knowledge sharing and collaboration. This is what we refer to as our “hive mind”. We know that our clients don’t have the time to stay on top of cultural trends as well as social media expertise on top of your other hundreds of marketing tasks. They can trust that their The Social Element team will be there for them and their audience.

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