Social Listening


Your customers want to be heard. It’s our job to let them know you’re listening.

With The Social Element’s Social Listening services, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of who’s talking about your brand, what they’re saying, and why it matters. We take social monitoring one step further, telling you what the story is behind the data and how it can enhance your social media strategy. Don’t you want a social media agency that really listens?


Brand reputation management

While you can’t control what people say about your brand, you can play a part in driving the conversation. Social listening enables you to pick up what the industry is saying about your brand – whether it’s on your owned accounts or not.

We truly get to know your brand so we can choose the most relevant keywords to monitor. We then gather data points from the conversations we hear, and paint a broader picture of your brand’s reputation. Our strategy team can then interpret these results to create an action plan to maintain, improve, and protect your brand reputation.

Customer experience

As one of the leading social media strategy agencies in the world, we have access to and use advanced sentiment analysis tools, we tell you not only what people are saying, but how they feel. We then identify trends in your customer sentiments; are there certain events or times of the day when customer sentiment sways positive or negative? Taking these patterns into account, we can help modify your customer service strategy to play off of your audience’s reactions.

The result? An enhanced customer experience and more advocates for your brand.


Crisis management

Social listening takes a proactive approach to crisis management, identifying patterns of social unrest before they bubble into something bigger. While the monitoring team addresses the messages one by one, we take a step back to look at bigger trends: who are the messages coming from, where are they posting them? By analysing these data points, we can help to inform and reinforce your crisis management strategy to avoid similar crises from bubbling up again. We are a social media agency that believes in maintaining a 365 full view of your brand online in different contexts, at all times.

Compel your audience

We truly get to know your brand, which means getting to know your competition too. We gather insight into what your competitors are doing, how they’re performing, and where you can fill in the gaps. Top social media strategies can compel competitor audiences to join yours, we craft these strategies based on social listening tools.


Optimize your influencer strategy

Need an influencer strategy? Social listening can help you identify who’s talking about your brand and whether they’re the right fit for a partnership.

Already have an influencer strategy? We can help you identify the emotional response they have on their following, and how effective they are at promoting your brand.

Competitor analysis

Your audiences’ feeds are filled with content that doesn’t interest them. Stand out by showing them what they actually want to see.

How do you find this out? By listening to them. We gather demographic information on who’s talking about your brand, what they talk about, and what’s important to them. Using this data, you can infuse your creative strategy with content that compels – not repels- your target customer.

Actionable insights

We’re not a social media tool. We are a social media agency that plans action FOR YOU. We won’t hand you an overwhelming amount of data that ends up on someone’s to-decipher list. We provide insights on what the data means, forming the story behind the data so you can apply it to your business objectives.

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