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Toni Wood: The Power of Networking

Toni Wood: The Power of Networking

In this episode of Genuine Humans, Tamara and Wendy are joined by Toni Wood, Chief Marketing Officer of furniture comparison site

Toni started her career at Sainsbury’s after the business sponsored her degree in retail marketing. After an early career in category management, Toni transitioned to brand management while working for Gillette.

One of the major themes in this episode is the journey towards becoming more resilient and exploring happiness. 

Toni leaves a tremendous, positive impression on the people she’s worked with.

Her positivity and driven nature have helped her form connections and grab exciting opportunities, yet she continues to learn and develop as a leader – constantly setting herself new challenges to overcome. 

Toni reminds us of the importance of listening to our instinct and of ensuring that we pay it forward.

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