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If you have a product to sell, you need a social shopping strategy

Social media is a place where we like, message, share, and now, shop. With 87% of customers saying they rely on social media to guide their purchases, brands have an incredible opportunity to engage and sell to their customers, all in one place. The pandemic accelerated the already pervasive trend of online shopping, and now tools like Instagram and Facebook Shops make it easy for customers to shop in the same place they swipe through inspo. 

We help brands identify which platforms to focus their social commerce efforts, and create a social shopping strategy that attracts new customers and keeps loyal fans coming back. 

Social Commerce Strategy

To help your brand leverage the full potential of social shopping, we first get to know your brand and target audience inside and out. Where do your customers spend their time? What sets your brand’s products apart from your competitors? Once we identify your customers’ motivations for spending time on those platforms, we can begin to curate a streamlined social shopping experience that showcases everything your brand has to offer.

Our team’s deep understanding of social commerce platforms means you can implement the latest social shopping strategies, before your competitors do.


Target Your Dream Customer

Because social shopping features are built into platforms, we can leverage each platform’s advanced analytics and data to show your products to anyone who fits your brand’s demographics. Unlike social media ads that direct users to your website, social commerce presents customers with a streamlined journey from exploration to checkout. Our social commerce services let you capture customers’ attention where they already are, building a devout fan base across all your social shopping platforms.

Engagement Through Social Shopping

Our specialty is bringing social back to social media. While online shopping is traditionally a solitary experience, social commerce helps to replicate the mall experience online. We help brands present their products in a way that makes customers excited to window shop again, to share with friends, and gather feedback to create an even more delightful shopping experience.

With our advanced social listening capabilities, we can join conversations about your brand and competitors. This allows us to answer questions, give recommendations, and give customers a personalized online shopping experience that keeps them coming back.

Social analytics also lets us gather data on what drives your customers to follow your brand. Do they want to be the first to find out about a new product launch? Or are they looking for the latest trends in [insert your product here]? Once we tap into their motivations, we bring our insights to the creative team to develop content that speaks to your customer.

While social shopping is relatively new, the motivations behind it are not. Partner with a seasoned social commerce agency that can bring the insights, analytics, and content you need to compete in a new online shopping space.


Social Shopping Platforms

Every social shopping platform is different, and new features are constantly being added. Based on your brand’s audience and goals, we can help choose which channels fit into your social commerce strategy.

Facebook Shops
Facebook Shops:

Two-thirds of all social media visits to Shopify stores come from Facebook. Facebook’s user base, while diverse, skews older. Its Shops features allows brands to create a custom digital storefront and curated collections, which then translates over to Instagram.

Instagram Shops
Instagram Shops:

70% of shoppers turn to Instagram for product discovery. It only makes sense that they should be able to shop on the same platform. Customers can browse products from their Feed and Stories, as well as check out directly on Instagram.

Pinterest Shops
Pinterest Social Commerce:

89% of Pinterest users are there for shopping inspiration. Pinterest acts like an ecommerce search engine where customers can use keywords to find what they’re looking for. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest directs shoppers to your website once they click on a product. Brands can create Product Pins and organize them into boards that shoppers can browse through.

TikTok Shops
TikTok Shopping:

TikTok has partnered with Shopify to allow brands to add “Shop Now” buttons to their video ads, and added the “Hashtag Challenge Plus” feature which allows users to shop for products associated with a sponsored hashtag. Content consumption has been steadily trending towards video, and TikTok presents an opportunity for brands to showcase their products to Gen-Z customers.

Snapchat Shops

As part of their 2020 Brand Profiles rollout, Snapchat released the Native Stores feature, which allows Snapchat users to browse and purchase products directly within the app, powered by Shopify. While this feature is still being developed and is only available in the US for now, Gen-Z focused brands can prepare for what Snapchat product advertising could look like in the future.

Social Commerce FAQs

Is social commerce the same as social selling?

No. Social selling is the process of cultivating relationships on social media in order to build your sales prospect list. Social commerce, on the other hand, refers to the process of selling products within the native social media experience. 


Do you offer social media advertising to supplement social commerce marketing?

Yes, our social commerce services involve creating social commerce ad campaigns and targeting custom audiences. 


Do you offer influencer marketing to supplement social commerce marketing?

At the moment we don’t offer influencer marketing services. Our focus is on social media listening and moderation, helping you to create a strong brand-to-consumer relationship.