Richard Simcott, languages Director at The Social Element

AdWeek Profiles The Social Element's Languages Director, Richard Simcott

Richard Simcott, Languages Director at The Social Element
The Social Element’s Languages Director, Richard Simcott, has been featured in a recent edition of Adweek. The profile focuses on his work with global brands running multilingual social media projects.
Richard, a hyperpolyglot, has been with The Social Element since 2008. He’s a legend in the languages community – he’s studied 36 languages and is fluent in more than a dozen. He’s also a founder of the annual Polyglot Conference, which takes place this year in Reykjavik, Iceland.
At The Social Element Richard helps makes sure brands are able to make great connections with their audiences no matter what language they speak.
You can check out Richard’s Adweek profile here: This Polyglot Makes Brand Messages Work In Every Language

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