Linn Frost: Be Yourself.

Linn Frost: Be Yourself.

In this episode of Genuine Humans, Tamara and Wendy are joined by Virgin RED’s marketing director, Linn Frost. 

At nine years old, Linn knew she wanted to work in advertising. Growing up, Linn realised that she didn’t come from the typical background of many in the industry, but determined to achieve her dream, she went to university part-time and secured a part-time PA job at Ogilvy and eventually moved on to be an account executive. 

Linn has made great connections throughout her career with genuine humans who’ve helped her on her way – like her former boss, founder of Truant, Simon Labbett.

For Linn, leadership means being a genuine human. It means giving people opportunities to grow and the flexibility to thrive.

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