This Week’s Social Spot…Pin your favourite Tweet!

This week, we’re exploring the brand opportunities of BeReal, checking out Pinterest’s invite only app “Shuffles,” and singing along with Bluey on TikTok. 

Introducing Twitter Circle

Twitter has been focused on giving people more control of their in-app experience and this update is about privacy. Twitter Circle is similar to IG’s ‘Close Friends’ feature. Users choose up to 150 people to share Tweets with, and can add and remove people without offending them as they won’t get a notification about it.

Twitch allows cross-platform streaming

Content creators in the Partner Program will now be able to stream ac./ross other platforms allowing them to reach wider audiences. Once they turn off their Twitch stream, they can immediately start a livestream elsewhere such as Facebook and YouTube, although Twitch is also allowing simulcasting on TikTok and IG Live.

Scan and share: Instagram’s QR codes

What used to only be possible through DMs or tags can now be done via QR Code. This could be a brilliant brand marketing tool; the QR codes open up a purchase funnel for customers directly on the app, as well as streamlining influencer marketing and creating a phygital experience for consumers.

This Week’s TikTok Trend

New default setting for teenagers using Instagram

Instagram recently announced that the Sensitive Content Control, a feature launched in July 2021, will use the most restrictive setting by default for users under 16 years of age. This limits the amount of time teens spend consuming content deemed sensitive and excludes topics tied to appearance comparison.

Pinterest’s invite-only app is blowing up

Pinterest soft launched their new app Shuffles. It’s invite-only for now, but Gen Z users are loving it. The app helps users create fun collages and much like iOS 16’s new feature, enables users to cut out objects from their photos. Users are taking their aesthetic collages to TikTok and adding music for ultimate ✨vibes ✨

FYI: NFTS on IG and FB

Meta now lets U.S.-based NFT holders post their digital collectibles across both Instagram and Facebook. The company has been taking major steps toward the digital collectible space since March of this year, and we expect to see further movement in this direction in the future with a digital art marketplace, and more.

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