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Brands can rely on social media agencies to keep up with algorithm changes

Social media agencies play such a key role in your social media strategy. With their help, you can create the most engaging and creative content out there, but will it get the attention it deserves? Well, that can rely heavily on social media algorithms.

Social media platforms use algorithms to keep users on the site longer. They’ll show us posts that we can relate to the most, or from people we interact with often, or even trending topics that interest us. 

There’s many articles telling us when the best time to post on each channel is, and which content will work best, but things are constantly changing. 

Social media companies don’t reveal everything about their algorithms, but social media agencies can help.

Algorithms are mysterious to many of us – social networks will share some top level information, but rarely go into detail (after all, they’re encouraging brands to pay for reach!). And this is where social media agencies come in. 

Social media agencies play an important role in helping brands reach their audiences with organic engagement.

With experience across multiple brand campaigns, and teams of experts, they know what works and what doesn’t. When algorithms change, they’re quick to see the impact the changes have on their clients, and they explore a wide range of techniques to increase engagement. This makes it easier to see the patterns that show the impact of algorithm changes.

Take HubSpot for example, it points out that when Facebook found that people watched videos, but weren’t liking, commenting or sharing them, it started measuring engagement by looking at things like unmuting the video and making it HD or full-screen. Facebook fed these factors into its algorithm to show the user similar videos.

Or, if you’re experimenting with TikTok’s algorithm, you’ll know it’s more powerful than most of the other networks – it’s great at showing you more of the type of content you engage with, and discarding content you’ve ignored. 

Algorithm changes are continuous across social networks, and unless you’re really immersed in this stuff day to day, they aren’t always obvious. Your social media agency is your go to partner to make sure that your brand meets these changes, keeps up with the latest trends and has an engagement strategy that will continue to connect with your audience across all platforms.

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