Social Media Crisis Management


When a brand crisis hits, social media is where you’ll hear about it first.

You need a team who can execute your social media crisis management quickly and effectively.

Social Media Crisis Management that works

The Social Element is the global leader in social media crisis management. We’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to develop and lead their social media crisis response. When the worst has happened, we’re the ones major brands call to help them respond to a social media crisis.

If a brand crisis strikes, your social media channels will play a key part in containing it. You need an experienced team who know how to manage crisis on social media.

Our social media specialists will work efficiently with all parts of your brand to ensure a calm, consistent and human social media response which will limit the fallout from a bad situation, meaning your brand can concentrate on making things right.


We move as fast as you can

Speed is crucial in a social media crisis situation. We are are able to deploy a fully-briefed crisis response team within hours of your brand engaging us.

We have a global network of social media specialists we can rely on should a situation escalate which means we’re able to rapidly scale our teams to support you and meet any spikes in traffic.

Ongoing social media insights

Data is extremely helpful in managing your crisis response. With support from our data and insights team, we can actively monitor social media activity related to your brand, giving you near real-time feedback on how the situation is developing and how effective your response is – both during and after the situation. You’ll get clear insight into whether your approach is working and how it can be improved.


Be prepared

Of course, being prepared goes a long way to helping you minimize the brand impact of a social media crisis. We offer comprehensive social media crisis training and strategy development and review.

With our sister company Polpeo, we can help your brand prepare for a social media crisis with real time, immersive crisis simulations to help you develop and assess your team’s capacity to respond effectively.

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