Valentines Day

What are brands doing for Valentines Day?

Valentines day isn’t just for couples as many brands are getting involved on social for the big day.


Brands in the FMCG and retail industries have gone for the standard approach with tasty and tempting product offers over Instagram, with TKMaxx using sponsored content to reach their audience:

TK Maxx        Waitrose


Many people enjoy a delicious drink to go with their meal so alcohol brands are also using social to show off their Valentines Day offers, with Majestic Wine going for the product offering and BrewDog putting their own spin on it:

Majestic Wine          BrewDog


It’s not just about the food and drink as Barclays and Monzo find a clever way to use Valentines Day to their advantage:

Barclays            Monzo


And we can’t ignore the clever tweet from Lidl. Lidl bakery is one that tempts many of the regular shoppers, so of course, they find a way to bring this into play on Valentines Day:



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