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The Social Element: A New Brand for a New Era

Social media has evolved so much since we started as Emoderation in 2002. In the early days of Facebook and Twitter, managing social media for brands was more instinctive than data-led and our focus was on innovation and discovery. Today, metrics drive everything we do. We can now measure not just interactions and engagement with brands on social media, but intent, impact and even emotional resonance. Brands can now build a much deeper relationship with their consumers on social media than anyone thought possible 10 years ago. That comes from greater insight, greater creativity, and the right balance of technology and human engagement.
The Social Element logo
I’m enormously proud of Emoderation’s heritage and experience dating back to those early days of social media. We worked then, as we do now, with some of the most advanced brands and agencies in the world who shape their industries. They are all committed to engaging with their customers, fans and consumers on social media in a way that has impact and meaning, and we take our responsibility to them seriously.
We’ve grown out of a drive and passion for bringing the highest levels of quality to social media engagement and management on behalf of the amazing brands we work with. With roots in tech and moderation, our pioneering expertise quickly evolved to make us one of the most authoritative voices in community management in the industry. Our team then naturally converged towards social media insight and strategy. What we do now has expanded to all areas of social media: social engagement, including customer care, crisis management and moderation; social content creation; social insights and analytics; and strategy and training. We’ve even launched a sister company, Polpeo, to help brands navigate a crisis breaking online.
We’ve grown, and now it’s time to reflect that in our brand. From 5 January, we are rebranding as The Social Element, a name that reflects who we are today. We provide the social element of our clients’ marketing and communications programmes. We do this for hundreds of brands like, Nissan and Jack Daniels. We hire brilliant, creative and driven people to inspire our clients and their consumers on social media. We’re fiercely proud of what we do, and so we’re investing in a brand that represents us.
I hope you’ll love our new look and feel as much as we do.
Tamara Littleton
CEO, The Social Element

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