Is It Time For Your Brand Join BeReal?

BeReal, the self-proclaimed “not another social network” has also been dubbed the “anti-Instagram.”

Its purpose of connecting friends without filters has quickly propelled BeReal to 10 million daily active users.

The premise of BeReal is simple: once a day at an unknown time, users have 2 minutes to post a front and back view of what they are doing at that exact moment.

The app’s current success has clearly rattled other platforms, with Instagram and Snapchat both focusing on dual camera features. 

Here’s our take on deciding if it’s the right platform for you:

If you’re planning on investing in a presence for your brand on the app, consider the approach you’d take knowing that the platform is not meant for “traditional” social marketing:

  1. Advertising is prohibited on the platform
  2. The app discourages staged “influencer culture”
  3. If you don’t post when prompted, your photos will receive a “late” mark, which other users can see

Some ways you can go about working within these parameters are to:

If you’re stuck on where to start, we’re happy to have a chat and see where we can help!

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