Social Media Content Moderation Services

A strong digital community built around your brand is priceless.

But you need to make sure your customers and your brand stay safe. Social media moderation lets you do both.

Our Moderation Work

Olafur Eliasson

We’re proud to collaborate with world-renowned artist, Olafur Eliasson, on his latest project which launched in July 2020, Earth Speakr. Earth Speakr invites kids to speak up for the planet, and adults to listen up to what they have to say.

The Social Element’s Social Media Moderation service takes the risk out of your online communities. We offer 24/7 content moderation in more than 40 languages, keeping your brand safe and your customers happy.

24/7 brand protection

Building an online community around your brand has huge advantages but there are risks.

Trolling, abuse, copyright infringement, scams and other illegal content can pop up if you’re not on top of things.

The Social Element content moderation service keeps your brand and customers safe around the clock. Our global network of highly trained moderators use industry leading tools to keep your channels free from risky user content 24/7, in every language.

The online safety experts

We have a long history of being leaders in online safety especially when it comes to online spaces for younger audiences. All our staff are DBS checked and highly trained to make sure your community is safe for users of all ages.

The Social Element was founded on a belief in the power of online communities. And we know from vast experience that the best and most productive online communities are the ones with effective moderation. We’ve been moderating all types of online content for the world’s biggest brands since 2002.

Tackle issues, gain insight

Effective moderation can also serve as the frontline of your customer service. It gives you the ability to proactively provide great service before customer issues turn into brand problems.

It also gives you a clear picture of how people feel about your brand and products – valuable insight to help you better serve your customers.

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