Social Media for Travel and Hospitality Brands

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Social Media for Travel and Hospitality Brands

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Social media has completely revolutionised the way people travel.

36.5% of people use social media for travel inspiration and ideas, and 74% of travelers use social media while traveling.

As people start to plan their next trip, whether it be abroad or in the country, they will look to their social media feeds for travel inspiration, planning, and recommendations.

The travel and tourism industry has an incredible opportunity to reassure and re-engage their audience through authentic social media strategies. At The Social Element, we combine real-time insights with human intuition to bring travel and hospitality brands to the forefront of social media.


Some travel and hospitality brands on social media we've helped create genuine human connections:

“Their whole approach is very much ‘can do’ and focused on providing great service to our business.”

Julie Ayres, Communications Manager, Gatwick Airport

How does social media for the travel and hospitality industry look?

Social media for travel and hospitality is packed with content, but tuning into the frequency of your unique audience requires a precise traveler tack. Between using the right tools, to report analysis, understanding the right metrics, and producing content that makes an impact in booking over engagement, it can be confusing to get your bearings, a little like jet lag. 

Our social cycle can help simplify travel and hospitality social media.

Having the social media tools

Before we navigate a sea of trends, create share worthy travel content, or turn a visitor into a guest, we need to have the right travel and hospitality social tools. We audit the tools you are using or not using to properly analyse, report and test what works for your brand. The Social Element has over twenty years experience in social media and we know what tools to use and how to leverage them for travel and hospitality. This includes understanding the latest metrics that matter for travel across platforms from Tik Tok to Discord, far beyond engagement.


Know your audience

With the right tools and metrics that matter, we then dial in on your audience. Who are they? Where are they from? How old are they? Are the basics. But, The Social Element does a skuba dive deep into what matters and the emotions that propel your audience to book, review, and check in. Where are they going, metaphorically and physically, is measurable and we have the expertise to discover where and  how. Our social listening analysts paint a complex picture of the traveler and audience on social media, in simple terms, as well as find outlying audiences to target.


Brand tone of voice and engagement

When we understand your audience, new audience targets, and emotional motivations, we craft a tone of voice and engagement plan to match. Our approach to social media marketing for the travel and hospitality industry involves getting under the skin of your brand and getting to know it like it’s our own.

If your travel brand doesn’t have a distinct tone and engagement style, it will lack the ability to connect with the audience. Consider the traveler audiences who are looking for adventure, excitement, or relaxation, you cannot elicit these emotions and experiences across in a monotone.


Delivery of Authentic Proactive + reactive content for Travel

Social buzz doesn’t just happen- it is generated carefully- until your travel brand is memorable and what audiences are talking about. Our proactive and reactive content planning and strategies are a playbook for the application of brand tone and engagement. We introduce new audiences with storytelling, using existing brand collateral, or we forumate how we respond to customer feedback. Reactive content requires our team having a finger on the pulse of travel trends and culture and trends. 

When it comes to a social media crisis for travel and hospitality companies, the question isn’t whether it’ll happen, but when. It can start from something as little as turbulence on a flight, and escalate to worried family members tweeting asking whether the passengers are safe. The best way to handle a crisis or communicate  a message is preparation. With the right crisis management plan in place, you can ensure that your travel brand will handle crises with ease.


Social media reporting and analysis

Travel and hospitality metrics are not just about booking and bottom lines, the check ins, reviews, and social endorsements inform their future behavior and influence on friends. It is social after all, and our reports go far beyond how your brand is doing or impressions it is making, it measures influence through testing and advanced analytics. 

The Social Element is always learning about your brand and your business, because we have a wanderlust for new insights on data. We gather data on how your audience reacts, interacts, and engages with your brand across platforms. Our constant testing and cross platform analysis reports support strategies in easy to digest ways. So you can scale smarter in your social and so we know what our audience is looking for. 


Don’t get #FOMO

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