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Bridge the Gap Between Expectations and Reality

Just as the telecommunications industry has evolved significantly over the years, so have customers’ expectations. A recent report from Microsoft found that 54% of customers have higher customer support expectations than they had the previous year. On top of fast and reliable coverage, people also expect telecom brands to provide effective customer service, share engaging content, and have a human presence on social media. 

We’re a global social media agency that helps global telecommunications brands bridge the gap between customers’ expectations and reality. Our social media strategies have helped telecom companies radically accelerate speed of response, scale customer service, and outperform SLA targets. In the ever-increasingly competitive telecommunications space, our social media solutions can help your brand become the provider of choice for the billions of Internet, phone, and video conferencing users around the world. 

Some Telecom Brands We've Gotten Results for:

Social Media Strategies for Telecom Brands


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Human-First Customer Service Approach

Before anything, we’re a human social media agency. Our people-first ethos translates into everything we do, including our work for client partners. Especially in an industry as customer-centric as telecommunications, it’s imperative to align with a social media partner that prioritises the customer experience.

A recent study found that solving an issue on social media is 83% more cost-effective than resolving it through a call center interaction. At The Social Element, we combine time-saving processes with our people-centric ethos to bring fast, delightful social media customer service to telecom companies.

We tapped into our human-first customer service approach when we helped T-Mobile ramp up their social media customer service strategy for a Super Bowl campaign. Through an integrated customer service approach, we were able to help them become the fastest, most engaged mobile phone carrier on Facebook.

In an industry where companies are constantly vying for customers’ loyalty, telecom brands that use personalized and empathetic communication are the ones that stand out in the crowd.

Local Connections, Global Impact

Many telecom companies are spread across the globe, making it challenging to identify with each local customer. Our strength as a social media agency lies in our ability to translate global operations into local connections.

Internet, phone, and video conferencing usage isn’t limited to the workday. If your customers are active, so are we. Our clients benefit from a globally dispersed social media team, with a single point of contact. By having 24/7 customer service support, we’re able to reduce response times and increase customer loyalty for our telecom client partners.

Our global mindset translates into social content strategies, taking insights gathered from in-depth reporting and translating it into social media campaigns that connect with customers on a deeper level.

When customers feel connected to a brand, they are 76% more likely to choose that brand over a competitor. Our data collection capabilities allow us to truly understand your markets and sub-markets, and speak to customers in a way that makes them truly feel heard.


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Get Back in the Conversation

With the rise of the dispersed workforce, telecom providers are receiving an unprecedented volume in service requests. While it can be tempting to put a laser-focus on fielding incoming social media mentions and DM’s, it’s paramount that telecom brands establish an engaging presence on social media as well.

65% of consumers say they feel more connected to brands that have a robust presence on social media. Telecom brands have an opportunity to steer the conversation by publishing original, culturally relevant content.  As a social media agency with a streamlined approach, we gives telecom brands a single point of contact for social media insights, communications, and content.

Through advanced social media monitoring tools, we gather insights on what customers are saying about you and the competition. We then use that data to inform our customer communication strategies, both private and public. With our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and talking points, we then create viral social media campaigns in your brand’s unique tone of voice.

“OMG - we can't thank you enough for everything you've helped us accomplish.”

Lacey Perryman, Senior Manager, Executive Social Media Care, T-Mobile

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