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We’re a global team of social media pioneers & analytical thinkers, powered by human values.

“I set up what was then called Emoderation in 2002, before even the launch of Myspace, having left a role running a web team at the BBC. I could see there was an opportunity to help brands initially protect themselves online and soon after to actually use the web to connect better with their consumers. I began gathering some other geeky, and rather lovely (primarily karaoke-loving) people to work with me and soon we made quite a name for ourselves, particularly in the child safety and brand protection arena. We helped a lot of brands through some tough times, and have learnt a lot about how to manage crisis, which is why I also created Polpeo, our nifty sister company that creates very life-like and quite terrifying real-time crisis simulations.

Fast forward a few years and the explosion of social, add some fantastic, global Fortune 500 clients, throw in a name change to better reflect our reality today, and there you have it… The Social Element. There are more than 300 of us all over the world today, all waking up with the same focused ambition: to help our clients create those really genuine human connections and have as much of a good time as we possibly can whilst we’re doing it!”

A sample of our gang

Spread across all five continents, with backgrounds ranging from packaged goods to broadcasting and activism, our team is simply amazing. Here are just a few people that build up our social media agency.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tamara Littleton

I was goalkeeper for England University hockey and it’s heavily influenced my management style. 

Before founding this agency in 2002, I managed the Online Operations team at the BBC, where I supported the pioneering BBC online communities team. The way people communicate on social media still fascinates me as much as it did in the early days. I love that we’re still able to pioneer with our clients and I love the fast pace of change.


Ashley Cooksley

Throughout my 20+ years in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity to work across content, community, proposition development, account management, marketing, and (my main squeeze) sales. It’s all about working with people who provide inspiration, and with clients that see me as a partner. I get to do both!

Working at The Social Element is incredibly motivating. I feel constantly challenged and I am surrounded by people who teach me something new daily. Also, there aren’t many other places where you can say that you work with Global Fortune 500 companies on a daily basis.

Chief Operations Officer

Treena Hales

I was born a redhead but I can’t prove it because all the photos are in B&W.

With a strong background in the broadcasting industry, my experience includes large-scale IT implementations, organisational change and communications, training, consultancy and project management.

I’m always blown away by the dedication, knowledge and skills of the people I work with. What I live the most about my team is those times when we have to come together to achieve what seems impossible “No really, this time I mean it, it is impossible.” Then they nail it. Wow!

Chief People Officer

Wendy Christie

I am the reigning Dyce Primary School Highway Code Champion.

Having spent a huge part of my career in digital content, digital safety and online communities, I like to say that I worked in social media before it was called social media, namely by spending almost 10 years at AOL UK.

What makes my everyday delightful isn’t just the amazing people who already work here – it’s also finding that untapped potential, and getting to know people who want to join the team. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of interviewing someone who you know can bring something new and special to the agency.

Managing Director, Europe

Linn Frost

Head of Social, Europe

Chloe Mathieu Phillips

Chloe has lived in Vienna, New York City, and Montreal. She joined our European team and relocated to London again in 2021, where she runs our Social Media Management, Strategy, and Content teams.

Chloe spent most of her career building social marketing teams for Fortune 500 brands and and her hands-k experience spans from engaging with audiences and curating content to developing strategies for global food, lifestyle, and travel brands.

Client Services Director

Danielle Tamura

Danielle has spent her career developing relationships with brands and agencies, all over the world.  Collaboration and innovation is what drives her, along with a true passion for connecting with people.

Technical Solutions Director

Abe Blackburn

I own over 150 activist t-shirts that I’ve collected from various volunteering gigs since university.

I love the fact that I get to work with a fast paced, tight knit team. Being spread all over the globe, I can have amazing conversations with people on three separate continents, all while finding new ways to be the best agency we can be for our clients.

HR Director

Kerry George

Social Media Strategist, Europe

Emma Childs

I love a good hike but also love the adrenaline rush from sports like snowboarding, climbing & via ferrata and did 3 bungee jumps in as many days whilst travelling round New Zealand.
As a Brit who was born and raised in France, I love that The Social Element allows me to work with people and clients from so many different cultures. As a Client Services Director, I partner with clients to guide them through the social media landscape, helping them see social media as a set of tools to solve larger business challenges.
Social Media Manager

Amy Harding

Senior Account Manager

Gregory Beattie

Senior Talent and Recruitment Manager

Gaby Menendez

Social Media Insights Manager

Laurie Tissington

Data Analyst

Nikosz Panajotu