Social Media Marketing for Alcohol Brands

Social Media Marketing for Alcohol Brands

Create a Premium Social Media Experience

When customers are at the store, the alcohol brand they choose depends on more than just taste preference. It’s up to alcohol brands to create a memorable experience for consumers, and social media plays a big part in that.

Effective social media marketing for alcohol brands uses social media to engage with consumers on a local and global level, optimize moderation times, and follow regional advertising regulations.

The Social Element is a social media strategy agency that understands ALL of the implications of engaging and optimizing an alcohol brands audience on social media.

Some Alcohol Brands We've Gotten Results for:

How to win at social media marketing for Alcohol Brands 

Local connections for global impact

The ability of an alcohol brand to connect with its customers is directly tied with its revenue.  When customers feel connected to a brand, they are 64% more likely to stay loyal and 57% more likely to spend more on that brand (Sprout Social 2019).

Strategic social media activations can help alcohol brands spark meaningful connections with their fans. By having genuine interactions in real-time. This can mean sponsoring events that align with the brand’s mission and values and being active on social media to listen to fans’ responses. Having a social media agency agency that knows how to liaise with influencers and other partners to depict the right tone of voice and follow guidelines is crucial to make the right connections with potential consumers at local events.


of customers are more likely to spend more on a brand that they feel connected to

When you engage matters

It’s crucial for brands to engage with consumers when they’re consuming their product. When it comes to social media marketing for alcohol brands, they should focus their social media community management efforts on nights and weekends. For instance, our main shift for one of our local clients is 6 pm to 2 am.

When shift patterns aren’t optimized, it can take the social media team days to get back to the customer. If someone is asking where they can find x alcohol brand over a holiday weekend, it doesn’t help to get a response five days later. Optimizing social media community management shifts to shorten response times ensures that money isn’t left on the table.


The Social Element’s social media monitoring schedule

Sharing responsibly

Alcohol advertising can be a tricky landscape. Brands need to make sure that their own marketing, as well as influencer and user-generated content, isn’t perceived as pandering to underage consumers.

The legal drinking age varies regionally, meaning you need a strategic social media agency that’s versatile enough to tweak their campaigns accordingly. We specialize in managing global brands, adjusting our strategy and messaging for cultural and regional relevancy. Our monitoring teams closely follow user-generated and influencer content, untagging or removing any content that can jeopardize the brand’s image. We also coordinate with legal teams, ensuring that our marketing code abides by the company’s legal guidelines.


of consumers stated that social media is one of the first channels they go to when they have any questions or issues

“Our Social Element team is able to keep an eye on all social media comments and reviews them to ensure that our brand stays compliant with industry standards. We use that insight to inform our strategy and make high level marketing decisions.”

Marketing Director, Global Alcohol Brand

How We Elevate Alcohol Brands

No two alcohol brands are the same, meaning no two social media strategies should be the same. We are a social media agency that immerse ourselves in your unique flavour. Each Alcohol brand differs as much as each social media strategy differs, and we understand how to represent your alcohol brand across platforms and audiences.

Social Monitoring on a Global Scale

One of our clients, a globally-recognized alcohol brand, has a long, rich history and a strong commitment to ensuring that their products are enjoyed in a safe and responsible way. They needed a strategic social media consultancy to protect to protect their reputation and commitment to their audience’s safety, they needed a way to know what’s being said about their brand online and be able to act quickly in the situation calls for it.


Increasing brand love on social

In a recent survey, 45% of consumers stated that social media is one of the first channels they go to when they have any questions or issues. A brand’s ability to respond to customer inquiries quickly and effectively can make or break their social media customer service reputation. Blue Moon was aware of this and brought us in to help them deliver quick customer responses and deep brand engagement.

Read our full case study to find out how we made Blue Moon one of the fastest beer brands to reply to customer inquiries.


Jägermeister Case Study

At The Social Element, we see the brands that we work with as partners, rather than clients. So when Jägermeister approached us for social media moderation services, our first step was to integrate with their team.

We are not a hands off social media agency, we work as an extension of their marketing team, moderating Jägermeister’s owned channels to ensure that the team remains in compliance with alcohol marketing requirements. Our social media monitoring services also protect the brand by removing content that’s not in line with their tone of voice.

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