Social Media and Customer Services

Want to turn customers into loyal brand advocates?

Great social media customer service is the key.

Social media customer service is no longer just nice to have. If your customers need advice, or support with your products or services, they expect to be able to engage with you about it via your social media channels. And it’s an amazing opportunity for your brand.

The Social Element can help your brand provide social media customer service that delights your current customers, attracts new ones and provides precious insight into your brand and market.

Fast social media customer service, 24/7

Social media activity doesn’t limit itself to traditional business hours, and your brand doesn’t need to either. The Social Element can help you provide 24/7 social media customer care to your customers, wherever they are and in whatever language they speak.

We’ve built a global network of social media specialists which allows us to offer 24/7 coverage of social media channels, meaning that no matter the time of day, your brand can rapidly respond to customer inquiries.

We also work closely with you to make sure what we do fits perfectly with the way you do business. We ensure solid processes are in place to keep you informed and your customers well served.

We are a social media consultancy agency that thrives on doing business, like you do, we keep your hours and represent your policies.

Personalized service, at scale

The best customer service is tailored to each customer’s needs. The Social Element can help you provide social media customer care that engages each customer, ensuring they receive a personalised and helpful response.

We’re big believers in the importance of the human element in social media and customer service is where a human touch matters most. We’re the experts at providing social media customer service that engages your customers, while being a true reflection of your brand’s values.

We have a flexible team in place that rapidly scale to meet any demand, ensuring no matter what’s going on your customers receive they help they need when they need it.

Learn about your customers, stay on top of issues

The measurability of social media is amazing. Interacting with your customers via your social media channels opens up great opportunities to learn what your customers really think of your brand and product, and also helps you identify any developing issues and act on them.

To get that insight, your social media marketing agency needs to look closely at the data. Lots of data. We’re the experts at digging into your brand’s social media data and delivering insights that can change your business.

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