Social Media White Paper and Resources

Social media marketing trends are hard to keep up with. We do it and make it digestible for you here. Connect with us!

How can a global brand be everywhere at once, without diluting its core message? How can a brand pivot during a crisis? Where are we heading in social media in 2023? These are just some of the big Qs that we dive deep into in our white papers. We share these insights with colleagues, marketers, and clients to help them put social media into context with broader marketing goals, and to geek out on all things social!

Disruptive platforms

Disruptive Platforms

They’re forcing us to think in differently and they’re engaging audiences in new ways. What does this mean for marketers?


Inclusive Social Marketing

Inclusivity humanises your brand. Put inclusivity at the core of your content, strategies and at the heart of your business. We originated and are at our core an inclusive social media agency, find out how to be inclusive in your social media.

Social Commerce

Social Commerce

With 87% of customers saying they rely on social media to guide their purchases, brands have an incredible opportunity to engage and sell to their customers, all in one place. Which platform is right for your brand?


2021 Trends

We looked at the emerging social media behaviours and audiences in 2020, and the trends brands should consider when looking ahead at 2021 social media activations. Our teams have their finger on the pulse of social media trends, see the latest on our blog Human Connections


Community Engagement

Engaged communities can make or break a creative campaign. The assets are designed, the text is crafted, the message clear, and the budget set for paid social media. Everything is in place. We are a social media strategy agency that puts community communication through clear messaging and assets, at the heart of campaigns

Customer Service

Social Media and Customer Service

As an social media agency dealing with complex campaigns across continents, we collated we have collated some of the best thinking on customer service, and combined it with our own experience to give you practical advice on how to deliver excellent customer service on social media.


The mental health and self care of your team

When a business has a culture that supports mental wellness and encourages self-care, it becomes easier for the business to offer wellness guidance themselves.


Pivoting your social media

Everyone needs some support – and that goes for brands and consumers, too. Now is the time to build good will to help businesses back on their feet after the crisis has passed.


Managing a global crisis for consumer goods brands

The global pandemic has changed consumer habits. While some consumer goods brands are seeing increased demand for their products, others may be noticing a decline in demand. This whitepaper looks at how the consumer goods sector is (and how it should) use social media during a crisis.


Managing a global crisis for alcohol brands

Many alcohol brands have been using the lockdown to encourage people to socialise virtually. Some have also started campaigns to support the service industry. You can read more in our guide on how the alcohol sector is using social media to respond to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

financial services

Social engagement for financial organisations

See the opportunities for banks in social media, look at what some of the big names are doing to engage customers, and gain practical advice on managing a customer community.


Help your brand navigate a global crisis

How can your business prepare for prolonged disruption? How will you manage a suddenly remote team? Our whitepaper can offer advice and support to those companies and people struggling to adapt in the current situation.

Social media crisis

Preparing your team for a social media crisis

What is your strategy for a crisis as it breaks and unfolds on social media? This agency report encourages you to give social media a seat at the crisis planning table. A social media agency may be your first line of defence.

Social Media for Brands

Simplifying Complex Social Media for Brands

If you’re a global business working across multiple markets and languages, the chances are your social media landscape is going to look, at best, complicated. The Social Element is a social media agency over 300 strong, across multiple continents, and speaking in many languages, We can help you solve this.

how to structure a social media presence across multiple territories

Managing Social Media at Scale

In this white paper, some of The Social Element’s experts give their advice on how to structure a social media campaign and presence across multiple territories; how to allocate resource and ensure top quality results; and how to ensure consistency across multiple languages.