Social Media Insights and Trends

Social media insights services

Social Media Insights and Trends

The best, most effective and efficient way to use trends is on social media.

Our team uncovers the right cultural moments and critical brand insights through our Trendspotting and social media insights services.

Insights reports

Our social media insights team will uncover audience trends with in-depth insight reporting and interactive dashboards


Listening for opportunities

Social listening to find proactive opportunities, and social monitoring for understanding consumer conversation


Keeping an eye on the competition

We’ll produce a thorough competitor analysis for your brand to ensure you’re staying ahead of the game.

Know your audience

Audience profiling and taxonomy to optimise tools such as Sprinklr to unearth the right opportunities for your brand.


Social media gives brands a unique opportunity to harness the power of cultural trends.

Even with this tremendous opportunity, brands face significant challenges to bring this to life.


Trends are fast

They’re over before they begin, and that means you need to continually monitor social media. 

Social Media is vast.

Even if you can continually monitor social media, it’s too vast to find the right trends for your brand unless you have the right social media insights services with smart, optimised tools to help.

Be careful as it can go wrong…

It can often go right, but it can also go very wrong, very quickly. Using the right social media insights services and cultural moment means having a diverse team, and also well-planned strategy.

It doesn’t stop with the right trend.

Even if you do find the right trend, and create the right content, your work isn’t done. You don’t get the most out of your effort if you don’t continue to engage and extend the conversation.

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