Brand protection

Social media crisis preparation

Brand protection

Brand protection on social media protects more than just your brand.

We protect your community.

The foundational bedrock of our services is ensuring that our clients can sleep at night knowing that we offer brand protection on social media, 24/7.

Social media moderation services was the first service we provided to our clients when we started 20 years ago, and it’s still at the heart of everything we do.


Social Media Moderation

The Social Element’s Social Media Moderation service takes the risk out of your online communities. We offer 24/7 content moderation in more than 40 languages, keeping your brand safe and your customers happy.

community led content

Crisis Preparation

Even brands with a solid social media presence and strategy can find themselves in a crisis. Our crisis preparation and communication services can help guide our clients through the toughest times.

Keeping your brand and customers safe

The Social Element content moderation service keeps your brand and customers safe around the clock. Our global network of highly trained moderators use industry leading tools to keep your channels free from risky user content 24/7, in every language.

We are a social media marketing agency that places audience safety and authentic brand communication at the forefront of all of our strategies and practices.

Brand Protection service ensures a safe haven for communication. Your audience’s voice matters and we make sure your audience knows it. 

In a virtual world where brand voices can be lost in a sea of selling, The Social Element offers alternative service that places listening and communication over noise. Reading the ripples, rather than just the tidal waves, delivers the most effective brand protection social media service.


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