In the beginning…

To understand the philosophy at The Social Element, we need to look no further than our CEO and Founder, Tamara Littleton.

Back in 1999 Tamara was running the team of webmasters responsible for everything on BBC Online. Remember – this pre-dates YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. From her work supporting the early Communities team, Tamara was the first to recognise both the risk within these forums and virtual worlds and the opportunity for brands to directly connect with consumers.

With this vision and knowledge, Tamara left the BBC and shortly after set up what was then, Emoderation, in 2002.


emoderationStarting with just herself and one moderator, Tamara’s first clients included such global giants as GE and Disney, and soon we gained a reputation as leading within both the online child safety arena and online brand protection arena.

Tamara has since gathered a talented band of fellow pioneers to create a home for the leading experts in social from across the globe. With 20 of us located at HQ in London, we have built a global business, with a massively connected workforce of 350 across several continents, cultures, and nationalities; a place where we use our collective intelligence and our love of social to constantly develop new ways to help our clients flourish.

Launch of Polpeo

polpeoRecognising the overwhelming social response that can happen during a crisis and the increasing overlap between social media and PR, we also co-founded our crisis simulation platform, Polpeo. Our technology simulates a crisis breaking and unfolding on social and digital media, and our live team mimic the public response so that brands can prepare for a crisis in a realistic and secure environment.

The Social Element

the social elementBy 2017, we had become the largest independent social media agency with the biggest global reach of anyone in this space, and as a result felt we needed a name that better reflected the breadth of our offering; so we rebranded as The Social Element.

Today we partner with the world’s leading agencies and brands across FMCG, Travel, Financial Services, Retail, and Entertainment, at the same time, working hard to keep the culture, love, and family feel of a small business. This is what makes us unique to work with. We’re constantly being told by our clients that we’re flexible, friendly, and always going above and beyond for them. If you fancy working with an agency that can give you a bit of that, we’d love to hear from you.

Meet the team

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“The Social Element has been an integral part of our success. They treat our community as if it were their own. They are as dedicated to our project as any member of our team and are a delight to work with”.

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