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Automotive Social Media Marketing

What if your brand could use social media to build genuine human connections with its consumers? 

86% of car shoppers conduct online research, 

22% of research involves social media, 

49% of consumers have shared automotive content. 

Finding new ways to appeal to audiences globally and create brand loyalty holds the potential to capture a lot of new market share. So how would social media for the automotive industry work? 

Self Driving Social Media? 

If you are trying to connect on a more meaningful level with new audiences, across age, culture, and platform demographics as an automotive marketer, wouldn’t you want to have multiple lines of analysts, insights, and content experts helping you connect? Think about how many more audiences you can reach if you have ears in conversations across channels globally. Do you have the bandwidth for that expertise? Hardly anyone does, but The Social Element is a social media agency specialising in the automotive industry. 

There are a number of ways our social media strategies come into play. 

Automotive social media agencies can use engagement, demographics, customer service strategies, and content strategies to communicate new messages to existing customers, reach different audiences, and invite them to hear what you have to offer. The Social Element believes in pulling audiences in, not pushing content out that audiences are not interested in, which is why many brands rely on us behind the wheel driving engagement. 

AutoMOTIVATION: What is driving your Engagement? 

So how do you find the AutoMOTIVATION in existing social media audiences? An automotive social media agency has tools to “pop the hood” on your engagement. To properly understand your audience’s motivations and how they are engaging, you need to see what your audience is saying about your brand. Social listening and monitoring, performed by experts, is one way to gauge the performance of existing communications and messaging. 

We’ll then be able to see where to hit the breaks and hit the gas with content, focusing on your tone of voice and customer service to build the genuine human connections. Great social media goes beyond automotive brand protection to increase loyalty and awareness. 

Service Light ON! Up Is your social media strategy in need of a tune up?

We have delivered some of the top performing campaigns for our clients from Ford, to Nissan, to GM. Our social media analysts tap into your audience then work their way out to find new audiences to target using advanced social listening and content strategies. 

The Social Element social strategies for the automotive industry are capable of producing real results across multiple audiences, on multiple platforms. We fine tune customer service strategies, identify new audiences using platform specific data, and devise content that reach new audiences. On multiple continents speaking over 40 languages, The Social Element is the ultimate social machine. We can drive your messaging home to generate brand loyalty across drive cycles. 

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