Social Media Monitoring

Want to be able to identify and then respond to customer issues as they emerge on social media? Social media monitoring keeps you in the loop.

The Social Element’s Social Media Monitoring service keeps you on top brand issues by analysing what’s being said online, and then alerting you when there’s an issue allowing your brand to step up and make things right.

Stop an issue from becoming a crisis

Social media has given customers the means to be very vocal about issues with your products or services. And often, when things go wrong social media channels are where you’ll hear about it first.

Our social media monitoring alerts you to potential brand issues as they emerge, allowing you to take action before an issue becomes a brand crisis.

Using industry leading tools, our global team monitors social media channels and the wider web for mentions of your brand, making sure you quickly hear about the important things, allowing you to to act with confidence.

Proactive customer service

Of course, not every customer issue spells doom for your brand. Sometimes customers just need a bit of help. Social media monitoring can identify the customers who just need assistance, giving you the chance to keep them happy and engaged.

Learn how they really feel about you

The ability to track customer sentiment – how they’re feeling about your brand – can be a game changer. Our social media monitoring can help you accurately gauge the sentiment towards your brand, allowing you to track the impact of marketing campaigns, new product launches and more.

Social Media Monitoring: Less noise, more signal

With literally millions of things posted to social media platforms every minute of the day, it takes real expertise to filter out the noise. Our social media monitoring combines industry leading tools with the experience and insight of our human social media specialists. This approach ensures you’re only seeing the things that really affect your brand


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