Strategic Management

Best laid plans only work if the delivery follows through.

Most agencies won't tell you about how they ensure their services are delivered impeccably. But then we’re not most agencies.

At The Social Element, we see strategic management of our projects as a crucial aspect in their successes. Sure, we can create a great strategy. We can have an ace communications plan. But delivery is key. The devil is in the details and sweating the small stuff is part of our role. Because if we don’t, who will?

We start with clear roles and responsibilities

When you meet your team, roles will be clear. We’re all committed to seeing your brand succeed, but we also all have very clearly defined roles and responsibilities and we review them regularly. This is how we make sure we play to everyone’s strengths and everything is covered by the best person for each job.

Our mission? To think outside the box and to push you forward

We build each team with our clients’ specific needs in mind and give you a direct line to the subject matter experts – they’re amazing, why hide them?!

Our entire team shares great attention to detail, combined with an ability to think big picture. We ask questions, listen, and turn high-level goals into project plans. Throughout our partnership, we continue to optimize and take complexity and turn it into simplicity as we progress.

When working with you, we

  • Ensure the foundational processes and workflows are in place
  • Deliver overarching recommendations based on your specific needs
  • Collaborate openly within a multi-agency ecosystem
  • Show the way with social media thought leadership bespoke to your brand and supported by research and technical solutions

A focus on performance and delivery at a high-level is how we ensure all the moving parts of a successful social media program click into place. Because impeccable delivery should be of the utmost importance for all.

“We partner with The Social Element because of their global experience and seamless execution. I trust them with my brands.”

– Mondelez North American Consumer Conversations Lead

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