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The Fashion and Retail industry and social media have a lot in common: both grow out of trends quickly, are visually-driven, and are modes of self expression. It only makes sense that fashion, retail and social media are so closely intertwined: in an age when everyone with a smartphone is an influencer, consumers determine fashion almost as much as the other way around.

With shops now open across the globe, and in order to keep up with changing consumer habits as things start to get back to normal, it’s crucial for fashion and retail brands to team up with a capable social media agency and ensure you have the right strategy in place moving forward.

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Social Media Strategies for Fashion and Retail Brands


of shoppers say social media inspired their last purchase

Fashion and Retail Social Media Moderation

Not engaging with your customers on social media is so last season. In an arena like fashion and retail where the competition is as fierce as runway models’ expressions, the best way to set your brand apart is by connecting to your customers on a human level.

While many retailers are automating engagement, our social media moderation team uses advanced social listening tools to jump into conversations about your brand in real-time, responding to comments and DM’s in your tone of voice.

Whether it’s a social media customer service plan or a detailed content strategy, we’ll provide you a clear roadmap of what you need to do it right and make sure your social media is getting results.

In an industry where companies are constantly vying for customers’ loyalty, telecom brands that use personalized and empathetic communication are the ones that stand out in the crowd.

Culturally Relevant Engagement

According to a recent Sprout Social study, 57% of customers reported that they’re more likely to spend more with a brand that they feel connected to. The key to connecting with customers is speaking their language: literally and figuratively. What’s your brand’s tone of voice? Is your customer base for one fashion line different from another? We take all of this into consideration when forming your dedicated social media engagement team.

Our engagement specialists cross time zones, languages, and borders to connect with your customers one-on-one. In social media and fashion, context is everything; partner with a social media agency that’s flexible enough to delight your audience, no matter where they are.


of luxury fashion brand Twitter chatter was generated by consumers


89% of people said they would post about a positive travel experience (Stackla)

Leverage social listening to engage in real-time

Social media is travel and hospitality brands’ opportunity to become more than just a way to get from point A to point B or where they’ll sleep and eat.

To move beyond the transactional and into the emotional connection with your audience, it’s essential to have a conversation with them at the moment that they’re engaged. Did they check into your hotel restaurant? Leave a comment with the cocktail specials for the day. Did they share your brand’s hashtag? Engage with them post-trip with a survey asking what they liked best about their experience.

Using social listening to engage with your audience in real-time helps them embrace your brand in their environment.

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Primark Social Media Team

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Primark Case Study

How does a global clothing retailer like Primark connect with fans spread across multiple markets? We started by gathering a team of 30 social media experts to connect with customers and gather insights on how we could improve. We then harnessed the data to expand the brand’s reach across 6 markets and languages, optimising content as we went along. 

By gathering a global team and providing real-time reporting, we were able to provide localised customer service and valuable feedback to improve business. When you work with us, it’s like working with an extension of your team. 

User Generated Content

The role of social media in the fashion industry has evolved from one-way advertising to an exchange of content, ideas, and messaging between the brands and their followers. Because of its visual, creative, and social nature, fashion is an industry that social media users are naturally drawn towards.  

In this piece, we examine the influence of social media on the fashion industry and how the world’s most innovative fashion brands have turned to influencers and their own consumers for content. 

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