Our Leadership Team

Tamara Littleton

I was goalkeeper for England University hockey and it's heavily influenced my management style.

The way people communicate on social media still fascinates me as much as it did in the early days. I love that we're still able to pioneer with our clients and I love the fast pace of change.

Blaise Grimes-Viort
Chief Services Officer

I performed, aged 7, in A Winter's Tale at the Barbican in London.

I love the sense that I am part of a global family of community practitioners, all focussed on best practice social media work. Nothing feels better than working alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry!

Treena Hales
Chief Operating Officer

I was born a redhead but I can't prove it because all the photos are in B&W.

I'm always blown away by the dedication, knowledge and skills of the people I work with. Those times when we have to come together to achieve what seems impossible "No really, this time I mean it, it is impossible." Then you nail it. Wow!

Ashley Cooksley
Chief Client Officer

When I was a baby, my ex-CIA grandfather would take me swimming with sharks and barracudas.

It's incredibly motivating to feel constantly challenged, and surrounded by people who teach me something new daily. Also, there aren't many other places where you can say that you work with Global Fortune500 companies on a daily basis.

Rachel Boothroyd
Chief Legal Officer

I once got lost in the Congo and had to live on pineapples for a week.

I am full of respect for the people I work with. Meeting them in person is a treat. Having spent 18 years in the City working in a predominantly male environment, I particularly appreciate working with some amazing women. And fantastically talented men who respect women and treat them as equals.

Wendy Christie
Chief People Officer

Reigning Dyce Primary School Highway Code Champion

It's not just about the amazing people who already work here - it's finding that untapped potential, and getting to know people who want to join the team. There's nothing quite like the buzz of interviewing someone who you know can bring something new and special to the agency.

A sample of our gang…

Lisa Barnett
Innovations Director

I've run the London Marathon twice - not very fast but I have the medals to prove I did it!

I work with some of the best and most inspiring people in the industry. We have a great management team in services, as well as the most creative content team!

Sandi White
Social Reputation Director

I used to be in sales for the agricultural industry and sold insemination products to dairy farmers!

There are numerous things I love about working at The Social Element. My favourites are working with amazing people, particularly my teams, as well as supporting the development of staff and their career progression.

Vilmondes Queiroz

Although I'm Brazilian, I don't support a football team and I don't know how to samba =]

I love that The Social Element has no geographical limits for its employees as long as you've got a nice and secure internet connection of course. So, since I love exploring the world, The Social Element has been the perfect company for me to work at.

Sari Kiisikinen
Social Reputation Manager

I have a language degree in Hindi which has become useful in many everyday life situations.

The best days are the ones when I have found a way to help a team member in solving a problem, understanding a complex task or learning a new skill. I also love the feeling that we are at the forefront of new developments on social media, and other platforms on the Internet, which is really exciting.

Norzaiha Norhan
Moderator/Engagement Specialist

I played softball (first base and outfielder) for 11 years and helped my team win several tournaments.

What I love most is the flexibility of working remotely from anywhere in the world without losing my productivity and effectiveness.

Richard Simcott
Languages Director

I now speak five languages in the house with my wife and daughter (and many more outside that!).

I really enjoy that we are a truly worldwide organisation, working together and living on different continents. It gives us great insights into local situations, where our clients do business and I see it as a huge strength.

Sherry Wilcox
Strategy and Insights Director

I was the 30th employee hired at The Social Element – 9 years ago.

As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Without a doubt, the people that I work with help make this a job I love doing!

Tanya Van Esser
Account Director

I love all styles of dancing and I cannot resist moving to a rhythm.

I get to work closely with our amazing clients and get to lead a fantastic team of driven Account & Project Managers who will stop at nothing to deliver excellence.

Suvi Manneh
Social Reputation Manager

Enjoys ice swimming in winter.

I love the fact that we’re a truly global company with people in every continent. Not a day goes by that I don’t communicate with colleagues from one end of the world to another. I’m also immensely proud of the range of languages we speak!

Annabelle Blackburn
Sales Manager

I own over 150 activist t-shirts that I've collected from various volunteering gigs since university.

I love the fact that I get to work with a fast paced, tight knit team. Being spread all over the globe, I can have amazing conversations with people on three separate continents, all while finding new ways to be the best agency we can be for our clients.

Karl Watkiss
Social Reputation Manager

In my previous life I was a professional actor and once turned down a small part in Eastenders.

I work with colleagues across a number of departments who are not only excellent at their job, but are understanding, considerate and generous too.

Jennifer Puckett
Social Reputation Manager

My husband and I met at a swing dance conference 18 years ago.

I am so fortunate to work with intelligent and talented colleagues from places such as Finland, Canada, UK, Africa, Australia, Spain, Germany, Panama, all across the United States, and many more. How incredible to be changing the face of business with the best of the best, all across the globe!

Amir Ordabayev

I spend most of my free time maintaining and learning languages, but back in my school days my favourite subject was math. Even now, it helps me to see the new sentences as formulas.

I love the flexibility that the company provides and encourages. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work from home and to take the time off whenever I need.

Natalie Marsan
Account Director

I'm related to the King of Western Swing, Bob Wills.

While our clients are pretty awesome, the people behind The Social Element really are the best part. There is a very real sense of support and kindness amongst team members and managers. The people at The Social Element really do stand behind the values that unite us.

“The quality of work is remarkable and the people managing our accounts are phenomenal to say the least. They are very professional and have always exceeded requirements: they truly go the ‘extra mile’ for us at any given time”.

MTV Networks

Give me some of this please!

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