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Emma Childs

Emma Childs

With over ten years client services experience, during which Emma has successfully delivered multi-channel content solutions, for B2B, B2C and Not for Profit clients. Emma has been with The Social Element for five years, first as a senior account director before becoming an account director. Before that, Emma worked for Redwood Publishing (six years) and Pell & Bales (three and a half years).

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How do brands keep influencer marketing authentic?

October 17, 2018 1:42 pm Published by Comments Off on How do brands keep influencer marketing authentic?

There is much talk about the good and the bad of influencer marketing. Some consider it a key channel to growing both social reach and revenue, others are against using influencers to promote their brands, citing the much-reported issues of fake followers and influencer fraud. Back in June, Unilever called on the ad industry and […]