Global. Inclusive. Trusted. Passionate.

We’re a global team of social media pioneers & analytical thinkers, powered by human values.

“I set up what was then called Emoderation in 2002, before even the launch of Myspace, having left a role running a web team at the BBC. I could see there was an opportunity to help brands initially protect themselves online and soon after to actually use the web to connect better with their consumers. I began gathering some other geeky, and rather lovely (primarily karaoke-loving) people to work with me and soon we made quite a name for ourselves, particularly in the child safety and brand protection arena. We helped a lot of brands through some tough times, and have learnt a lot about how to manage crisis, which is why I also created Polpeo, our nifty sister company that creates very life-like and quite terrifying real-time crisis simulations.

Fast forward a few years and the explosion of social, add some fantastic, global Fortune 500 clients, throw in a name change to better reflect our reality today, and there you have it… The Social Element. There are more than 300 of us all over the world today, all waking up with the same focused ambition: to help our clients create those really genuine human connections and have as much of a good time as we possibly can whilst we’re doing it!”

A sample of our gang

Spread across all five continents, with backgrounds ranging from packaged goods to broadcasting and activism, our team is simply amazing. Here are just a  few of us.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tamara Littleton

I was goalkeeper for England University hockey and it’s heavily influenced my management style. 

Before founding this agency in 2002, I managed the Online Operations team at the BBC, where I supported the pioneering BBC online communities team. The way people communicate on social media still fascinates me as much as it did in the early days. I love that we’re still able to pioneer with our clients and I love the fast pace of change.

Chief Commercial Officer

Ashley Cooksley

Throughout my 20+ years in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity to work across content, community, proposition development, account management, marketing, and (my main squeeze) sales. It’s all about working with people who provide inspiration, and with clients that see me as a partner. I get to do both!

Working at The Social Element is incredibly motivating. I feel constantly challenged and I am surrounded by people who teach me something new daily. Also, there aren’t many other places where you can say that you work with Global Fortune 500 companies on a daily basis.

Chief Services Officer

Blaise Grimes-Viort

I performed, aged 7, in A Winter’s Tale at the Barbican in London.

Fast-forward a few years, throw in graduate studies focusing on digital piracy and a few formative years in the publishing industry, and I was named the 2nd most influential digital communities practitioner in 2013. At The Social Element, I’m keen to constantly evolve our service offering, and social media at scale is one of the topics I get the most excited about.

I love the sense that I am part of a global family of community practitioners, all focussed on best practice social media work. Nothing feels better than working alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry!


Brian Loo

At the age of 32, I left my factory job to travel the world and study languages.

I now speak eight of them and am still learning! The Social Element is so vibrant and cosmopolitan! I work alongside colleagues from all around the world who are as passionate as I am about language, culture and social media AND I get to make friends from just about every continent (except Antarctica)!

Marketing Director

Chloe Mathieu Phillips

I’ve lived in New York City, London, Montreal and Vienna and now import natural Hungarian wines as a hobby – because why not?

I spent most of my career building social marketing teams for Fortune 500 brands. Never have I seen an agency with such a diverse workforce, where trust prevails and all life experiences are welcome and celebrated. The team is smart, nimble, and great client work is the only focus, which is amazing.

Client Services Director

Donald Hair

A little travel and a little music never hurt anyone, right? I own over 50 vinyl records that I’ve picked up from cities around the world. Some collect knickknacks, I prefer records.

I love the fact that I get to work with a fast-paced, tight-knit team. Working with global clients, my teams are spread all over the globe and I can have amazing conversations with people on three separate continents, all while finding new ways the agency can propel our clients forward.

Account Director

Emma Childs

I love a good hike but also love the adrenaline rush from sports like snowboarding, climbing & via ferrata and did 3 bungee jumps in as many days whilst travelling round New Zealand.
As a Brit who was born and raised in France, I love that The Social Element allows me to work with people and clients from so many different cultures. As a Client Services Director, I partner with clients to guide them through the social media landscape, helping them see social media as a set of tools to solve larger business challenges.
Chief Marketing Officer

Emma Harris

I have a very bad reputation when it comes to partying – Some people might say it’s dangerous to be out with me on a school night

After 10 years as Marketing Chief at Eurostar, I launched a brand consultancy and I only joined the agency for a 6-month contract, but when the time came to leave I just couldn’t do it! Never have I worked with a company who matched my own values so well; with such a genuine people culture, a passion for doing the right thing by their clients and desire to lead the industry to better things.


Hye-Gyeong Ha

I used to be a physio therapist when I lived in South Korea and can give a mean massage.

I also love to cook and can prepare dishes from all over the globe including Asian and Western cuisines. Working for The Social Element fuels my curiosity for discovering new cultures and meeting people. Having moved from Asia to the UK, I’m fascinated with learning about different cultures and the different ways in which people live.


Ibrahem Taha

I have a BA degree Criminology Sociology Anthropology from Bar-Ilan University, which has become extremely useful in my work.

As Victor Frankel said: “The meaning of life is to give life meaning.” My work has me involved in a lot of online child safety projects. Making the Internet a better place for children and teenagers definitely adds a great deal of meaning to my every day life!

Communications & Crisis Director

Lisa Barnett

I’ve run the London Marathon twice – not very fast but I have the medals to prove I did it!

The Social Element’s team is what has kept me here for so many years. As our Communications and Crisis department director, I work with some of the best and most inspiring people in the industry. 

Commercial Director

Marco Meneses

Loyal to the bone, I have seen my favorite band 31 times so far (you’ll have to email me to find out who they are). There is no end to love.

I love how truly committed this agency is to the idea that people matter. Whether it’s in the advice we give clients or in how we treat our teams, we really care about treating people well, and that makes a huge difference in the day-to-day. It doesn’t keep my coworkers from creating memes about me, but that’s another story (and a form of flattery, or so they told me).

Engagement Specialist

Mona Al-Meligi

I once went on a road trip from Dubai to Oman, and got lost in the middle of nowhere.

For hypermiling purposes, we had to turn off the AC for 7hrs in 55°C weather, but it was well worth it because we made it! I love how massively connected and incredibly supportive everyone at The Social Element is, with teams constantly taking part in trainings, buddy initiatives, and agency meetings where there’s always room for development and taking on new challenges.

Client Services Director

Natalie Marsan

I’m related to the King of Western Swing, Bob Wills.

While our clients are pretty awesome, the people behind The Social Element really are the best part. There is a very real sense of support and kindness amongst team members and managers. The people at The Social Element really do stand behind the values that unite us.

Engagement Specialist

Pavita Singh

I have travelled in 34 countries to date, and my goal is to visit 40 by the time I turn 30 and 100 by the time I turn 50.

I love working at The Social Element because I get to be part of a global community of clients, friends and coworkers who feel like family. I feel deeply connected to people near and far, as if we’d known each other forever.

Engagement Specialist

Peter Lam

Quite the tech geek, I can talk about smartphones and computers for hours and hours – consider yourself warned 😉

The Social Element created a friendly environment where every employee is recognised (and praised) for their work. I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing team!

Languages Director

Richard Simcott

I now speak five languages in the house with my wife and daughter (and many more outside that!).

I really enjoy that we are a truly worldwide organisation, working together and living on different continents. It gives us great insights into local situations, where our clients do business and I see it as a huge strength.

Commercial Director

Robin Bartlett

I’m passionate about travelling, family and motorbike adventures… and am committed to figuring out how to do all three at the same time, which is proving tricky.

My 3 biggest achievements include crossing the Atlantic in a fishing boat, being crowned fancy dress bog snorkeling champion of the world and having a family. The Social Element has a unique diversity of people and ideas that makes finding solutions for brands both original and exciting every time.


Linh Nguyen

I like volunteering at my children’s school, whether it is reading with the kids, or introducing Vietnamese traditions and culture to the children.

With my background in pedagogy, coupled with my interest in mindfulness and meditation, I hope one day to be able to do more for children and teachers to lighten their emotional baggage and help them enjoy school more. Thanks to the work I am doing, I am in touch with the most current gaming and technologies in young people’s world, which definitely helps me protect and guide my children better as they grow.

Social Production Director

Sandi White

Insights & Research Director

Sherry Wilcox

I was the 30th employee hired at The Social Element – 9 years ago. I now lead our Insights and Research practice.

As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Without a doubt, the people that I work with help make this a job I love doing!


Client Services Director

Taylor Bennett

Fluent in 3 languages, I love traveling to practice my French and my Italian, but I am also a big fan of my adoptive city, Chicago. And, like many people at The Social Element, I absolutely love a good karaoke.

Working in Client Services, I get to interact with a lot of amazing people every day. Whether it’s our clients or our internal teams, I love getting to know my teams, understanding what makes them tick, and then do everything I can to keep them happy while also challenging them to do their best work.

Technical Solutions Director

Annabelle Blackburn

I own over 150 activist t-shirts that I’ve collected from various volunteering gigs since university.

I love the fact that I get to work with a fast paced, tight knit team. Being spread all over the globe, I can have amazing conversations with people on three separate continents, all while finding new ways to be the best agency we can be for our clients.

Strategy Director

Tom Wrigley

I auditioned to be Harry Potter and now hold a life-long grudge against Daniel Radcliffe.

As a Strategist, I’ve always been passionate about making digital and social media more effective, to deliver genuine value to businesses and their audiences. Since joining, I’ve been amazed by the Social Element’s agility, entrepreneurial spirit and diverse workforce – something I believe is unique for the sector.

Chief Operations Officer

Treena Hales

I was born a redhead but I can’t prove it because all the photos are in B&W.

With a strong background in the broadcasting industry, my experience includes large-scale IT implementations, organisational change and communications, training, consultancy and project management.

I’m always blown away by the dedication, knowledge and skills of the people I work with. What I live the most about my team is those times when we have to come together to achieve what seems impossible “No really, this time I mean it, it is impossible.” Then they nail it. Wow!


Tyler Hernandez

I am a certified clinical psychologist, a mother of two, and (last but not least) a Harry Potter superfan.

I love being able to work with an amazing, diverse group of people from so many diverse backgrounds. Blame it on my insatiable curiosity, but connecting with others, engaging with consumers, and making sure the internet is safe never feels like work – it’s exciting!

Chief People Officer

Wendy Christie

I am the reigning Dyce Primary School Highway Code Champion.

Having spent a huge part of my career in digital content, digital safety and online communities, I like to say that I worked in social media before it was called social media, namely by spending almost 10 years at AOL UK.

What makes my everyday delightful isn’t just the amazing people who already work here – it’s also finding that untapped potential, and getting to know people who want to join the team. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of interviewing someone who you know can bring something new and special to the agency.