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Leveraging amazing UGC (in less than one minute!!)

Having 7 years of a dedicated team working on the Miller channel, we can always spot an opportunity to big up the brand. This was no exception, and a prime example of how user generated content saw creativity overcome COVID restrictions.

With content creation being even more challenging to produce because of Covid restrictions and even more eyes on social media, opportunities to share UGC are in high demand.

The Social Element team review all content posted to Miller High Life channels for engagement and brand safety, so when this video was tagged in May 2020 our team knew it was one to share.

The Social Element sent the video to the Miller High Life brand team and from there the brand team worked with the creator to show their appreciation and to get permission to publish it from the brand channels.

The asset went live on the Miller High Life channels as an organic post in July and has received great feedback from the community. It generated the highest Engagement Rate (YTD) out of all video posts, including paid, with a view rate of over 25%.

Having a dedicated team working on your brand channels (in this case for over 7 years!) means every touch point, every comment and like, references a long history of knowing who your community is on social and what they like to see. When The Social Element sees UGC we know will resonate, you know it’ll be in your inbox within moments. Human connection is and always has been our priority.


%+ view rate.
The highest of all video posts YTD

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