TikTok and Instagram Reels

Is TikTok copying Instagram?

This week we’re talking mixed media tweets, handles on YouTube, and discovering our new drink of choice on TikTok.

TikTok adds a photo mode…remind you of anything? 👀

To keep creator content fresh, TikTok has added new video editing tools to stack, trim, split, speed up, slow down and add sound effects to video clips. Also, in what feels like a direct copy of Instagram, they’ve debuted a Photo Mode feature that lets you share carousel posts of images that automatically display one after another, to music.

Twitter mixes things up with mixed media tweets

Creators can now express themselves even more beyond Twitter’s 280 character limit by including a combination of photos, videos and GIFs all in one tweet. Something to keep in mind when planning out these types of tweets is that they can only be created on Android and iOS, but are visible on all platforms.

YouTube is handing out handles

YouTube users will soon have a new way to identify themselves with a unique handle, making it easier to promote their content and interact with others. Over the next few weeks, creators will receive a notification to create their handle. Warning: if you don’t take action, YouTube will assign a handle to you.

What’s your drink of choice?

Or, perhaps, audio of choice? Ours would be this response from Emma D’Arcy to their co-star Olivia Cooke on HBO’s getting-to-know-you video. The grip this Campari-based drink now has a hold on TikTok is tight. Content creators are running to make a Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco in it. Tiktok users are sprinting to try it (with some mixed reviews), and apparently Campari is so in demand right now it’s a little bit hard to get. Other TikTok users are using these dulcet voices to describe something they enjoy that just gets better and better—whether it’s an apartment of your dreams or an ideal night in.

Tweet it ✅ Screenshot it ❌

Screenshots of tweets shared on other platforms have become a popular and straightforward content trend. Well, it seems that Twitter doesn’t want users doing that anymore, so they’ve added a pop-up that prompts users to copy the link or share the tweet whenever they take a screenshot now in order to bring more users in-app.

More ad opportunities on Facebook and Instagram 🤑

IG ads are moving beyond your feed and will now also be in the grid when you first open the Explore tab. Facebook is also testing post-loop’ video ads that start playing after a Reel has finished a single loop, as well as ‘image carousel’ ads, with eligible creators set to receive 55% of the revenue from these new formats.

Platforms are prioritising creators’ mental health 🧠

In honour of World Mental Health Day earlier this week, social platforms like Tik Tok announced plans to evolve and expand their mental health tools for creators. Pinterest, for example, is partnering with Headspace to offer a range of well-being tools to help manage stress, increase positivity, and improve sleep.

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