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26 May 2017

Written by:

Will Bond

Community Signal logoOne of our account managers, Elizabeth Koenig, caught up with long-time friend of The Social Element, Patrick O’Keefe, on his Community Signal podcast.

Elizabeth is based in South Carolina and works with some of our big media clients in the US like MTV and OWN. Elizabeth studied cultural anthropology and in the interview she talks about the impact of online communities on society and how data science and anthropology are combining to provide amazing insights into communities.

“Basically, data science and anthropology had this baby, and it’s called sentiment analysis or emotional artificial intelligence. Instead of hiring an anthropologist to read through an entire community’s worth of data, or every post or reaction to a new story and then writing a report on it, we have the power now with data science to use sentiment analysis to get an emotional report on how people react to certain stories within certain time frames.”

But as Elizabeth points out, having the data is one thing, making it useful still requires a person who knows what to do with it.

“..you still need someone to take that and make it meaningful for the group that is interested in that data, whoever they may be. The combination of using the sentiment analysis stuff that’s coming out now with someone who understands some basic social science procedures can create a really powerful snapshot, a look at how community is feeling hour by hour, even.”

As with all episodes in the Community Signal series it’s an essential listen for anyone interested in online communities.

You can listen to the episode out and subscribe to Community Signal here:  http://www.communitysignal.com/cultural-anthropology-and-online-communities/