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Instagram updates: Here’s what you need to know

Instagram’s had a very busy April, giving us new updates for DM’s, Reels and Feed posts. The Instagram updates (which are being rolled out or just in testing phase) could be just what you need to freshen up your brand’s page and really build those genuine connections with your audience. 

Here’s the Instagram updates you can expect to see very soon (or may have already started using!) 

Direct messaging on Instagram is becoming more personal and convenient 

The platform’s rolling out new direct messaging features to make DMs easier to use and just generally that bit more useful for users. 

With this update, users will be able to reply to DMs and share content via DMs without leaving their feeds (ideal!). The platform is allowing users to add polls to group chat DMs, which is great news for an extra engagement boost, or just for letting people make quick arrangements with friends.

Extra DMs could mean more notifications, which isn’t on everyones wish list. Luckily, Instagram have thought ahead.

Users don’t need to work about being constantly notified to chat DMs as they can add “@silent” to DMs to send people messages without alerting them.

To add to the group chat fun, Instagram’s starting to integrate platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music by allowing users to share 30-second previews of songs via chats without leaving the app.

Once these Instagram updates are rolled out more widely, it gives brands and customers are simpler way to connect and communicate, building stronger connections and also working in the brands favour with some added engagement. 

Instagram’s making Reels “simpler to create”

In April, Instagram started to test Templates

This Instagram update will let creators copy the format of other users’ reels to use themselves. Influencer, Jo Millie, Tweeted about testing the feature at the end of March:

That’s not all. With these Instagram updates, they’re introducing features that make it easier to edit and reorder clips when creating reels. 

This could be a real time saver for brands and influencers when creating content and make the feature more accessible for those who aren’t used to working with the format.

Pinned Posts are coming

Instagram’s testing a feature that will allow users to pin any of their posts to the top row of images on their profile page. 

Not only is this a great opportunity for users and creators to pin their favourite posts but brands can certainly use this to their advantage and put their most valuable posts right in front of the user – special offers, limited-time deals, product launches and more. It’s a chance to create a page that showcases your brand the best. 

Apps and social platforms work best when they’re intuitive and easy to use for both individuals and brands. Instagram does a lot to keep things simple for people using the app, but these changes will make it even easier for brands to engage and inspire their fans.

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