Our Award-Winning Experts: Ad Net Zero Highly Commended Award Winners, Shahnaz Ahmed and Manu Gambagorte for Meta and WWF

In the dynamic world of advertising, innovation and impact go hand in hand. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Spain and Meta demonstrated just that with last night’s win at Campaign’s ‘Ad Net Zero Awards.’ for NGO/Charity. 


But why are we shouting about this?

Well… we are thrilled to announce that the masterminds (Shahnaz Ahmed and Manu Gambagorte) behind this highly commended award-winning campaign now form an integral part of our team here at The Social Element! 

This addition not only highlights our agency’s commitment to excellence but also promises a new era of creativity and expertise.


The Campaign

At the campaign‘s core was the demonstration of how modifying consumption habits can have a profound impact o

n the environment. WWF Spain, in partnership with Meta, devised a virtual influencer, Habichuela (meaning “bean” in Spanish, beans and grains being one of the lowest impact food on greenhouse gas emissions), to embody the message of reducing meat consumption and advocating for sustainable dietary choices.

The strategy revolved around a series of video ads leveraging Reels trends on Instagram. These captivating ads not only captured the audience’s attention but also directed them to an Instagram Direct and Messenger bot, where a conversation was initiated, and valuable information about contributing to environmental protection was provided by Habichuela herself.


The Process

The campaign was a successful output of a broader initiative, the Social Impact Hackathon which is a framework designed by Manu to generate and bring to life more creative solutions that drive change to causes that matter. The Hackathon involved 2 different briefs packed with insights on sustainability and mental health, the creatives at Meta had to pick one of the briefs and ideate around it, the best idea was selected by a jury committee and then funded and produced. Shahnaz’s idea was the winner of this process that was then offered to WWF clients.

Speaking of the process, Shahnaz said

“The traditional way of creating impactful campaigns is working to a client brief where the audience and needs have been defined. However, the ‘Social Impact Hackathon’ turns that on its head: the idea forms first based on a global impact and audience need, the right client is found second. All Creatives have ideas banked that are often dream projects. This project and our partnership with WWF Spain shows that we should always keep our dream ideas simmering, and actively go and find the right partners to give it a home it can come alive in. It might take knocking on a few doors, but you’ll know when you’ve found the right home like we did with WWF. Some of our best and most meaningful work is likely to come from working in this way.”

What It Means for TSE

The inclusion of the creative talents behind WWF Spain/Meta’s highly commended award-winning campaign holds immense significance for our agency. It signifies our unwavering commitment to harnessing top-tier expertise and innovation to drive our client’s success.

Having individuals with a track record of groundbreaking campaigns like this means:

1. Unmatched Creativity

The campaign’s success is a testament to their ability to think outside the box. We can expect fresh and innovative ideas that break through the noise of conventional marketing.

2. Proven Impact

The measurable impact of the campaign on behavioural change demonstrates their data-driven approach. This expertise in quantifying results will elevate our agency’s campaign evaluation and optimization.

3. Sustainability Focus

The campaign’s alignment with environmental conservation resonates with our commitment to sustainability. It’s a reflection of our agency’s future dedication to creating impactful campaigns with a focus on making social better!

4. Client Success

Their experience in creating winning campaigns that engage and initiate meaningful conversations means that our clients can anticipate more substantial and fruitful social campaigns.

Discussing the impact that this will have on The Social Element, Manu said

“It was a huge opportunity to create and lead the Social Impact Hackathon that generated this idea. I bring lots of learnings from this initiative into The Social Element on how to craft impactful social impact briefs, partner with nonprofits, drive creative efficiency and behavior change for causes that matter.”

In conclusion, WWF Spain/Meta’s highly commended award-winning campaign and the talent of Shahnaz and Manu behind it bring a new dimension to our agency. Their expertise will not only elevate our creative capabilities but also enhance our ability to measure and drive impact. It signifies a commitment to sustainability, a focus on client success, and a prestigious addition to our team. 


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