Unveiling the Social Media Landscape of 2024: Trends, Platforms, and Influencer dynamics

2024 promises to be a dynamic year marked by the rise of emerging platforms, the evolution of content consumption, transformative trends in video content, and the continued sway of influencer marketing. Let’s dive into the insightful predictions shared by our experts to understand the landscape that awaits.

1. Emerging Platforms: Threads and Lapse

While established platforms like LinkedIn continue to grow, emerging platforms are gaining traction. Threads is fostering communities, particularly appealing to writers and creatives. Lapse, with its ‘friends not followers’ tag line, focuses on authenticity, presenting a potential challenge for brands seeking to integrate in 2024. The Twitter alternative remains elusive, with fragmentation among platforms like Tribe Social and BlueSky – we will be keeping an keen eye on these evolving landscapes.

2. Content Consumption Trends: The AI Wave

AI-generated content is set to take centre stage, with brands like Maybelline, North Face, and L’Oreal already making waves. Expect more creativity as AI tools become mainstream, offering playful possibilities for brands. Social media platforms are becoming hubs for long-form content, with TikTok leading the charge into 2024. Raw, authentic Gen Z content on TikTok is spilling over to Reels, while collaborations and diverse content types will become the norm.

3. Video Content Evolution: TikTok-ification Continues

The TikTok-ification of content persists, favouring real and authentic over polished commercial content. Attention spans will be shorter than ever, prompting content creators to adapt. Video length will become a crucial topic, with TikTok’s new creativity program favouring videos over 1 minute. Longer-form videos are expected to rise, providing a deeper connection between users and content creators across platforms.

4. Influencer Marketing: Micro-Influencers and Authenticity

Influencer marketing is undergoing a transformation. Video game streaming will gain further popularity, and TikTok Live monetisation creating new opportunities. The shift towards micro-influencers will continue into 2024 as users trust creators with smaller followings. TikTok’s aggressive promotion of its ‘Shop’ will spark fatigue, prompting the need for a better balance. Authenticity will remain paramount, and influencers must navigate the evolving landscape with transparency and creativity.

5. Interactive Content: Filters and AI Games

Interactive content sets to thrive with filters and AI games on platforms like TikTok. Consumers will prioritise organic, influencer-created filters over branded ones so for brands, the key will be to integrate interactive content seamlessly, resonating with the audience on a personal level.

6. Localisation Strategies: Think Globally, Act Locally

Global brands will need to embrace localisation strategies, understanding cultural nuances for brand relevance. Consistent values globally should be adapted to connect with diverse audiences locally. Language, cultural references, and collaborations must be tailored for specific markets.

7. Customer Engagement: The Social Media Hub

Customer engagement is increasingly growing on social media and Gen Z’s reliance on TikTok for search will continue to surpass Google. Brands must have a presence on TikTok to engage with this demographic. Timeliness remains a priority in customer engagement, emphasising the need for brands to stay responsive on social media.


As we step into 2024, the social media landscape is a dynamic tapestry of innovation, authenticity, and community. Brands that embrace these trends, stay agile, and prioritise meaningful connections will thrive in this ever-evolving digital space.


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