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Building the best social customer service programme in its category

In a crowded market like this, effective and friendly customer service will help your brand stand out. With some careful analysis, a refined social media strategy, really embodying the brand tone of voice, it was time to help T-Mobile get ahead on social.

In 2015, T-Mobile brought us in to support their busy holiday season. In a crowded marketplace, the brand made the bet that a human-first approach focused on friendly customer service could be the differentiator which could impact their bottom line.

We analysed the market and agreed with T-Mobile on a 5 minutes SLA target. Reputation engagement, free form engagement and ongoing training were key to T-Mobile’s success. This required a well defined social media strategy for each campaign we touched, as well as a thorough understanding of the target and the tone of voice, both for Spanish and English as Hispanic social media marketing was key to the success of the brand.

As our partnership grew and evolved, we scaled up rapidly based on different needs and campaigns and once brought on as many as 70 team members to ensure the success of their Super Bowl campaign.

A one month contract turned into a 15 months partnership and lead to T-Mobile becoming the fastest, most engaged mobile phone carrier on Facebook. With a response speed 10+ times faster than its closest competitor, T-Mobile was able to turn its brand presence into real brand love.


team members involved in the
Super Bowl campaign


faster response speed than
the closest competitor


fastest and most engaged
mobile carrier on Facebook

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