Peloton: The Century Ride

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Reading 750k per month to drive brand loyalty

Community is at the heart of Peloton, and the brand knew that its users held the key to the most engaging brand content.

The Peloton community’s perception of the brand’s level of care matters just as much as its intentions. Efforts to please customers aren’t always visible, yet Peloton strives to show customers they matter, they’re seen, and the brand cares.

Our input is critical to Peloton’s seamless customer experience. Each team member must embody their tone of voice, while forging relationships directly with users, identifying engagement-worthy content, consumer trends, and product issues. We closely monitor and report on the overall tone of the conversations, while zeroing in on the overarching sentiments of the Peloton customers. This helps to mitigate risk by quickly identifying issues as they bubble up.

A TikTok user celebrated her Century (100th) Ride, a big milestone within the Peloton community, in a unique way by challenging herself to a 50-mile ride! Not only did she crush it, but also set a new goal of 100 miles to be posted in an upcoming video. Our team found her original post celebrating her 100th ride and escalated it to Peloton as an opportunity to surprise and delight. The Peloton team quickly sent her a swag box and words of encouragement. The consumer then posted a new TikTok and has now further engaged with the brand while promoting Peloton to their audience.


I doubt anyone will see this but I’ll respond to any and all comments ❤️ #rideto50 #peloton

♬ Stuck in the Middle - Tai Verdes

Reply to @mimerssss2 TIME TO GO FOR 100 MILES #peloton #rideto100

♬ Stuck in the Middle - Tai Verdes

##peloton THANK YOU! now who wants to ride the 100 with me?

♬ Peaches - Justin Bieber

We are able to take 750,000 opinions, feelings, and issues and provide Peloton with recommendations on how to use them to make the brand even more human. This includes new user features, support responses for pandemic induced bike delays, and encouragement for crushing a ride.

750,000 human interactions

with Peloton per month In doing so, we discover inspirational stories that can be used as social media content to help inspire more users.

We uncover opportunities for Peloton to surprise and delight their fans by, for example, sending them a Bullet Planner because a Peloton user said they missed their century ride.

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