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Oreo sparked a frenzy among Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” with the release of a pink-hued, limited edition cookie.

A nod to Gaga’s latest album, Chromatica, the golden creme sandwich flew off shelves as fans stocked up on the iconic treat. While sales skyrocketed, Oreo encountered several business challenges that were brought to TSE. 

In true brand partnership and alliance with our core values, TSE took a one-team approach towards addressing these challenges. Social listening tools allowed the brand to gain a better understanding of commentary around keywords relevant to the product launch.

Oreo’s brand image was attacked by consumers who stated that the logo in the Chromatica cookies were the same as the pedophilia logo.
Our team set out to protect the brand image through social listening alerts that allowed us to monitor social channels outside of the scope of our work and listen to the conversations happening between consumers.
News of the collaboration between Oreo and Lady Gaga leaked.
With high volumes of mentions and engagements, the team jumped right into Oreo engagement mode.
With the Chromatica scavenger hunt on Twitter, the client had some logistical problems with people not following directions.
The Social Element team delved through all the social channels, instructing users how to engage in the scavenger hunt.

The Social Media Results


total engagements, with 6% more positive than negative


engagement reactions


increase of OREO Twitter followers

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