Social Media Engagement for Financial Sector Whitepaper

Communicating clearly, and with empathy and understanding, has become more important than ever for financial services organisations.

Financial services organisations, like most businesses, will have had to modify the ways that customers can talk to them.

Talking about finance can be uncomfortable. Building a community to talk about finances directly, in a public forum requires precision, tack, and a deep knowledge of how people communicate about money and financial products. Often, financial services organisations rely on emotions produced by financial freedom, but trying to coax feelings out of a community can backfire. 

The Social Element explains the elements and strategies for financial organisations and products to use social media and make genuine connections and allies across markets. Authentic communication around finance has the potential to build financial literacy and impact generations, so long as it is clear, and with empathy and understanding. 

Financial services organisations, like most businesses, need to modify the ways that customers can talk to them in the face of changing consumer trends and social media platform use, The Social Element has dynamic strategies that work across platforms, cultures, and generations. Download our white paper to see some brands we’ve gotten results for.

Our whitepaper offers valuable insights and advice for using social to best engage your customers.

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